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  • Fukuoka Airport, Japan

    written by unknownsoldier on 2010-12-03 #places
    Fukuoka Airport, Japan

    Fukuoka is located in western Japan; due to its proximity to Korea as well as China, Fukuoka is positioned to become the next tourism and trade hub in Asia. This airport is also considered to be the "gateway to Asia", but if you're just spending a lazy afternoon, no need to go inside, just look for a comfy spot near Fukuoka Airport and instantly get an amazing view of the planes that are departing - and landing in the busy airport.

  • Tenjin Central Park

    written by takuji on 2009-05-31 #places
    Tenjin Central Park

    The gathering event of Lomographers in Fukuoka was held at couple of places, and Tejin Cental Park was the last stop for us!

  • Lomography Journey in Fukuoka

    written by takuji on 2009-05-23 #news
    Lomography Journey in Fukuoka

    The Lomography Journey Fukuoka was organized by about 15 Lomographers around Kyushu area.