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  • Recycling Spools and Canisters

    written by dux_x on 2011-02-19 #gear #tutorials
    Recycling Spools and Canisters

    Always ask for your lab to give you back the film spools and canisters after developing. Just ask them to give it back to you afterwards.

  • Photo Stores Sabotage Analogue

    written by koruko on 2011-10-11
    Photo Stores Sabotage Analogue

    Generalization usually leads to mistakes, I know; but I can't help asking myself why most photographers and photography store clerks appear to be so openly against analogue photography, films, and the rest about traditional photography.

  • Tutorial: How I Roll - A Practical Way of Carrying Films

    written by pretletterp on 2011-09-07 #gear #tutorials
    Tutorial: How I Roll - A Practical Way of Carrying Films

    I have my film rolls sorted neatly inside my refrigerator but as soon as I go outside to shoot, whether on a whole day or on a weekend, I usually take extra films with me. In minutes, the film's order just turns into a total chaos, not to mention the loose rolls inside my bag. Don't you get annoyed when this happens? I finally found a simple remedy for this. Read on.