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  • Anthotypes – Making a Print Using Plants

    written by Malin Fabbri on 2012-02-03 #gear #tutorials
    Anthotypes – Making a Print Using Plants

    It is possible to print photographs using nothing but juice extracted from the petals of flowers, the peel from fruits and pigments from plants. In this great tipster from Malin Fabbri of alternativephotography.com, you can find out how!

  • Let the Sun Do the Work with Chlorophyll Prints

    written by stratski on 2014-10-09 #gear #tutorials
    Let the Sun Do the Work with Chlorophyll Prints

    Looking for a special but cheap way to print your pictures? Try making a chlorophyll print!

  • Organic to inorganic

    written by simonh82 on 2011-02-23 #gear #tutorials
    Organic to inorganic

    No, not the rallying cry of Monsanto and other big bio-tech companies who want us to eat genetically engineered food, but a simple tip for creating eye catching multiple exposures.

  • Cameraless Photography: How to Create Chemigrams

    written by crevans27 on 2012-05-18 #gear #tutorials
    Cameraless Photography: How to Create Chemigrams

    Discover a whole new world of photographic possibilities and learn how to create positive and negative photographic images without a camera! All you need is light sensitive paper and developer, stop and fixer. Intrigued? Read on to find out more!

  • Feeding Pigeons in Chelsea

    written by neja on 2011-03-23 #places
    Feeding Pigeons in Chelsea

    Making double exposures in Chelsea. I don't like pigeons myself. Well, not unless they are Chelsea pigeons. In Chelsea, everything is different, kind of like having a Midas touch.

  • US City Slicker Elletra: DIY Seed Bombs, an Intro to Guerrilla Gardening

    written by elletra on 2012-08-20 #gear #tutorials
    US City Slicker Elletra: DIY Seed Bombs, an Intro to Guerrilla Gardening

    Guerrilla Gardening is a green movement, spreading bountiful plant life in a sneak-attack like style. It can range from spreading seeds in desolate empty lots to planting flowers in those decorative, oversized pots in your apartment courtyard that never seem to actually facilitate plant life. There are even people who go as far as starting community gardens in abandoned spaces. One of the methods of guerrilla gardening is by using seed bombs, which are biodegradable clay clumps containing seeds that will germinate over time.

  • Chlorophyll Revealing

    written by jesushp on 2011-09-30 #news
    Chlorophyll Revealing

    The analog life can sometimes be more surprising than it might seem. Let's check the excellent quality of images revealed with chlorophyll, over the leaves of plants. Amazing.

  • Scotney Castle

    written by neja on 2010-12-17 #places
    Scotney Castle

    Voted among the top ten best English gardens to visit, Scotney Castle is a wonderful place to go if you're into history or just want to enjoy some beautiful scenery. It is located just 50miles from London - and a few miles away from Tunbridge Wells.

  • Monday Moodboard: Florilège

    written by lomographymagazine on 2017-01-09 #culture
    Monday Moodboard: Florilège

    You can learn a lot of things from the flowers. Begin your Monday with the scent and sight of bliss of florals with this Monday Moodboard.

  • Phoenix Parc and The "Green Diamant" of Nice

    written by vicuna on 2009-06-25 #places
    Phoenix Parc and The "Green Diamant" of Nice

    For my 100th location, I want to share some special place with you all: the zoological parc of Nice called "Parc Phoenix" and his giant greenhouse known as the "green diamant"

  • Memphis Zoo, Tennessee

    written by liquidpapercut on 2009-02-17 #places
    Memphis Zoo, Tennessee

    You might say that once you've seen one zoo, you've seen them all. But the Memphis Zoo is not like most. Sure, it has the same animals you'd see at any zoo, lions, tigers, and bears. (Oh my!) But, the Memphis Zoo also has the scenery that provides the perfect backdrops for all of your lomo desires. The design of the zoo is like a short trip around the world with various styles of architecture.

  • Botanical Beauty by Samuel Zeller

    written by Teresa Sutter on 2016-03-17 #people
    Botanical Beauty by Samuel Zeller

    Inspired by botanical illustrations of the past, Swiss photographer and designer Samuel Zeller has created a series of beautiful, dreamy images taken in and around Geneva’s greenhouses.

  • DIY Project #30: Grow A Desktop Garden!

    written by ilkadj on 2012-09-01 #news
    DIY Project #30: Grow A Desktop Garden!

    Along with our La Sardina DIY camera we’d like to present several DIY projects to inspire you. This project is a plantastic tutorial on how to grow your own desktop garden by Denise San Jose. Have fun!

  • Tuileries Garden

    written by neja on 2011-12-20 #places
    Tuileries Garden

    One of the best things Paris can offer. Oh, those gardens! I keep on coming back. The pure beauty of Paris. Place de la Concorde, Tuileries Garden and then the Pyramids of Louvre - nothing can beat this experience! Created by Catherine de Medicis as the garden of the Tuileries Palace in 1564, it was first opened to the public in 1667, and became a public park after the French Revolution.

  • Chlorophyll Development

    written by jesushp on 2012-03-19
    Chlorophyll Development

    If you thought the magic and science behind the process of developing photographs is amusing, check out these images by Vietnam-based photographer Binh Danh who develops photos on leaves using chlorophyll. Ah-mazing!

  • The Botanical Garden in Berlin-Dahlem

    written by 12_12 on 2011-09-06 #places
    The Botanical Garden in Berlin-Dahlem

    The Botanical Garden in Berlin offers a wide variety of plants from all over the world and is an ideal place to relax on sunny days and to escape from the busy city.

  • Traditional Hospital in Keur Massar, Sénégal

    written by azurblue on 2010-03-26 #places
    Traditional Hospital in Keur Massar, Sénégal

    Discover a traditional African hospital with its garden and pharmacy.

  • Kew Gardens

    written by neja on 2010-08-11 #places
    Kew Gardens

    Although the entrance is about £13.50 (children enjoy the free entrance), it is worth every penny! The Kew Gardens are picnic friendly, so it worth spending a whole day here. Winter or summer, there is always something going on. You can check the web site in advance to find out which particular flowers are in the bloom at the moment, or just come and explore.

  • Kebun Raya (Botanic Garden), Bogor

    written by cinzinc on 2009-05-14 #places
    Kebun Raya (Botanic Garden), Bogor

    Kebun Raya is the first Botanical garden of Indonesia, and it has been around for about 192 years!

  • The Colours of Lomography: Green

    written by lighttomysoul on 2011-09-27
    The Colours of Lomography: Green

    Green: the color of life, the sign of summer. The color of photosynthesis, which is necessary for all life on this planet. A really important color you could say. Take a look at some of my favorite greens and photos of trees!

  • Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park London: A Great Place to Take Your Mother

    written by simonh82 on 2011-06-09 #places
    Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park London: A Great Place to Take Your Mother

    Isabella Plantation is a section of the beautiful Richmond Park in South West London that has, over the years, been turned into a spectacular ornamental woodland garden. When I visited on Easter Sunday (which happened to be World Pinhole Photography Day) I was bowled over by the amazing display of flowers and plants. At the right time of year I don’t know a more beautiful spot in London and it’s also the perfect place to take your mother!

  • Altamont Gardens

    written by bear1973 on 2011-04-24 #places
    Altamont Gardens

    The jewel in Ireland's gardening crown.

  • Talvipuutarha, Helsinki

    written by torium on 2010-03-06 #places
    Talvipuutarha, Helsinki

    Tropical plants, romantic greenhouses and cute little Japanese carps. This is the place to take your beloved one!

  • Nature Calls You to Turkey Mountain

    written by alienmeatsack on 2014-02-25 #places
    Nature Calls You to Turkey Mountain

    Whether you enjoy hiking, biking or just taking in nature's offerings, Turkey Mountain Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma is for you. This small mountain park includes many different trails to explore, each with a multitude of types of scenery, plants and interesting artifacts from days gone past to experience year around.

  • Planting With Film Canisters

    written by cruzron on 2013-09-19 #gear #tutorials
    Planting With Film Canisters

    All the dullness of being day in and day out at the office can take a toll on your life. Add a little bit of life in your office space with a small plant, using film canisters!

  • Escape to Hort Park

    written by scrabbyknees on 2012-09-06 #places
    Escape to Hort Park

    A couple of friends and I were trying to think of a good hideaway for the weekend and decided to visit somewhere close to nature: Hort Park. It is a quaint park nestled near the harbor front in Singapore with endearing horticulture and shrubs.

  • Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town

    written by neja on 2012-07-31 #places
    Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town

    Kirstenbosch - the biggest open-air botanical garden of all. I fell in love with this garden when I first came here back in 2004. So, when I arrived to Cape Town this year, I immediately wanted to go back. Although a few obstacles (in the shape of a vineyard visit and so on) almost prevented me from doing that, there I was, still back at Kirstenbosch!

  • Jardine Majorelle

    written by neja on 2011-03-04 #places
    Jardine Majorelle

    Jardine Majorelle - high-fashion cacti in Yves Saint Laurent's private paradise. What a way to start your encounter with Marrakech! Jardin Majorelle was in my top 5 things to do anyway, so it was even better when our hotel's porter gave us complimentary admission tickets to this garden. Anywhere you go in Marrakech, it's worth taking a taxi.

  • Costa Rica, Traveling the Guanacaste Penninsula

    written by somethingsfishy on 2010-08-18 #places
    Costa Rica, Traveling the Guanacaste Penninsula

    Packed with surfboards and a 4x4 we traveled the entire coast from the North of Tamarindo to the south that dead ends at Mal Pais, and then back up the coast to the north to end the trip at the Arenal Volcano. With a Fisheye and the Submarine the trip was an amazing experience.

  • The Object of My Affection: My Vegetable Garden

    written by stratski on 2014-02-07
    The Object of My Affection: My Vegetable Garden

    After a long day in the office, spending some quality time in my vegetable garden always makes me happy. I love getting my hands dirty, smelling the plants, seeing the flowers, and eating the food I grow.