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  • Dresden: Lost and Found!

    written by sirio174 on 2012-01-24 #places
    Dresden: Lost and Found!

    In the middle of the 1990s I took some photos of Dresden but I lost my film and it was only last year when I found it inside a little box in my library. When I developed the film, the colours are 100% Lomo! All these pictures were taken with a Praktica LB, still 100% working

  • Shomei Tomatsu: 11:02 Nagasaki

    written by marthasmarvels on 2012-01-12
    Shomei Tomatsu: 11:02 Nagasaki

    In his career as a photographer, Shomei Tomatsu has shot many powerful images, documenting post-war Japan. One of his most famous series of photographs was a selection of photos he shot of Nagasaki following the bombing. He charted not only the still present damage to the city itself but through dramatic black and white photographs the scars on the human victims of the bomb.