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  • Meet Our Travelling LomoAmigo bravebird!

    written by zonderbar on 2013-01-21 #people
    Meet Our Travelling LomoAmigo bravebird!

    How about a destination far away this time? Brazil, Australia, India, Japan... Our peripatetic LomoAmigo of the month knows them all! Find out more about the German, click through her amazing pictures from all over the world and read about her tips for your next vacation.

  • Meet our Community LomoAmigo avola

    written by zonderbar on 2013-09-27 #people
    Meet our Community LomoAmigo avola

    Since May 2012, avola has been part of the Lomographic community and she is still overpowered by its cordiality. A Diana F+ that was the bonus for a magazine Interview got it all started. This brought back the passion and guided her back on the analogue path. We don't want to miss Sabine in our circle and it's about time to introduce this lady from Berlin.

  • Community LomoAmigo poepel

    written by zonderbar on 2014-05-19 #people
    Community LomoAmigo poepel

    Poepel's shots are so impressive that it's never a surprise to see at least a few of them every week in the best-of section. You simply cannot miss his photos. And so, without further ado, allow us to introduce Mario, better known as poepel, a new member of our community squad of LomoAmigos!