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  • Bottle Lomo

    written by elixirix on 2012-12-07 #gear #tutorials
    Bottle Lomo

    A little idea for how to display your Lomos.

  • Cheap Water Bottle Tripod

    written by llamasoup on 2011-04-29 #gear #tutorials
    Cheap Water Bottle Tripod

    We've all been there, its a hot day and you only have room in your bag for either a tripod or a water bottle. But why compromise? With this not-entirely-pointless How To, you can soon make your very own Bottle Tripod! Hallelujah i hear you cry! I shall never go without water or photos again! Finally an answer to all my tripod/bottle related problems!

  • Bottle Cap Camera Tripod

    written by cruzron on 2014-01-13 #gear #tutorials
    Bottle Cap Camera Tripod

    Yes, we know that tripods are cumbersome, but they are a necessary evil. Make things easier and simpler with this little DIY hack!

  • Hit Bottle Beach! (Koh Phangan)

    written by vstephanie on 2009-03-17 #places
    Hit Bottle Beach! (Koh Phangan)

    A weird name for a beach with no association to the object whatsoever! So don't be confused because Bottle Beach is so beautiful, you will be instantly mesmerized! The best thing about being hooked on this Bottle is that you won't feel shitty the morning after. Check it out...

  • Analogue Day Activity: Write a message in a bottle.

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2013-03-17
    Analogue Day Activity: Write a message in a bottle.

    Have you ever tried casting a message in a bottle out into the sea? It may take months, years, or even decades for your message to get washed up somewhere, but it only adds to the excitement of this activity, don't you think? If you have an empty wine bottle lying around in your house, why don't you send out one today?