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  • Sydney Harbour, Australia

    written by bensozia on 2010-05-26 #places
    Sydney Harbour, Australia

    The perfect place to sit, watch people...and ponder the fact that you're upside down.

  • The New Harbour of Monaco

    written by vicuna on 2009-06-02 #places
    The New Harbour of Monaco

    The new harbour & pier of Monaco is a fantastic place to have a great view on the whole city and admire a lot of beautiful boats & cars....

  • Berlengas Island

    written by zulupt on 2009-10-24 #places
    Berlengas Island

    The Berlengas Island is located on the Atlantic Ocean at 11Km (seven miles) of the city of Peniche, Portugal. The Berlenga Island is a part of the Berlengas archipelago which is composed by a group of very small islands: Islet of Farilhões, Islets of Estrelas (stars), Islet of Forcadas and Berlengas Island. The Island is small: 1.5K (approximately one mile) by 800 meters (half a mile) by 85 meters high, you can visit the whole island in a day. The Island is made out of beautiful rose granite and in the spring and summer it is covered by beautiful flowers.

  • Victoria and Alfred Hotel, Cape Town

    written by neja on 2012-07-25 #places
    Victoria and Alfred Hotel, Cape Town

    A hotel with the best ever view you could possibly ever wish for. While preparing for going to Cape Town, I obviously wanted to stay somewhere with a Table Mountain view. It is called such because of the clouds rolling across the top of the mountain, which looks like a table cloth. A lot of the hotels advertised "partial Table View", but in reality, you would have to hang out by the window with the possibility of a broken neck to see even a glimpse of this majestic mountain.

  • Black Country Living Museum, Dudley

    written by dogtanian on 2010-04-03 #places
    Black Country Living Museum, Dudley

    This really is a great place to take pictures as you come across no end of old machinery, hand painted signs, canal boats and masonry.

  • Yacht Club Saint-Petersburg

    written by grad on 2009-12-10 #places
    Yacht Club Saint-Petersburg

    The St. Petersburg’s public club of water tourism was founded in 1958. It is located in the central area of the city, in the beautiful park zone of Krestovsky island, only 10 minutes walk from the underground station “Krestovsky island”.

  • Sunda Kelapa Harbor

    written by monoflow on 2009-05-07 #places
    Sunda Kelapa Harbor

    Sunda Kelapa, better known as Pasar Ikan (meaning fish market) is located at Ciliwung River. This 500-year-old harbor area was an important link to markets of the outside world for the 15th century kingdom of Pajajaran.

  • The Islands of Gothenburg Archipelago

    written by anarchy on 2009-09-13 #places
    The Islands of Gothenburg Archipelago

    Deep blue ocean water, smooth rocks and stunning nature awaits you in Göteborg's southern archipelago.

  • Arbroath Harbour, Scotland

    written by d_i_hunter on 2009-05-21 #places
    Arbroath Harbour, Scotland

    Small town, big photo opportunity. For those who loves boats or yachts this is the place.

  • Glasson Dock, Peacefully Busy

    written by panchoballard on 2011-07-19 #places
    Glasson Dock, Peacefully Busy

    Want somewhere that's quiet yet busy? Pretty yet industrial? Remote yet only fifteen minutes away from a busy city? Look no further than Glasson Dock.

  • Cape Point: A Place of Great Hopes

    written by neja on 2012-09-03 #places
    Cape Point: A Place of Great Hopes

    A place which makes you dream. Cape Point is the meeting point between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. I have been there three times already and each time it's been completely different.

  • Rio - Niteroi Bridge: The Most Beautiful Exit of Rio de Janeiro

    written by raissuli on 2009-10-02 #places
    Rio - Niteroi Bridge: The Most Beautiful Exit of Rio de Janeiro

    Between the cities of Rio de Janeiro and the sister city of Niteroi, there is a bridge. The view is really astonishing, mostly at morning and sunset, when is possible to see the bay glowing red, blue or green.

  • Barcelona for the Weekend!

    written by lightblue on 2011-04-05 #places
    Barcelona for the Weekend!

    Are you thinking about making a short visit to Barcelona? Here you can find out about my two-day trip! These were the sites that I chose to see in a 48-hour visit. It was worth it!

  • Lewis & Harris

    written by bensozia on 2010-09-18 #places
    Lewis & Harris

    Remote, isolated and gorgeous. Lewis and Harris or Leòdhas agus na Hearadh in the Outer Hebrides is the largest island in Scotland. Lewis, to the north, has a relatively flat landscape and is home to the island's main(only) city(large town), Stornoway or Steòrnabhagh and also the five thousand-year-old megalithic monument at Calanais.

  • Netsel Marina

    written by zekiyeayse on 2009-11-13 #places
    Netsel Marina

    A cool spot to hang around...

  • The Pier of Nice

    written by vicuna on 2009-03-13 #places
    The Pier of Nice

    The pier of Nice is one of my favorite place to shoot: a beautiful place, the sea, boats & ferries, people, well, a perfect place to make pictures! The pier of Nice is located at the entry of the port and is a fascinating place to have a walk, meet with friends, have some nice time to sit down to look at the sea and the boats...

  • Toronto Islands with La Sardina and the LGS Toronto!

    2011-06-16 #places
    Toronto Islands with La Sardina and the LGS Toronto!

    Since the La Sardina Camera arrived we here at the LGS Toronto could not hold back our excitement to get out and start shooting. What better testing ground we though than the Toronto Islands! Meet some of the team and check out this not so hidden gem Torontonians flock to when the heat in the city gets too much to handle (and yes it does get hot in Canada).

  • Venice Beach Canals

    written by jblaze823 on 2009-06-19 #places
    Venice Beach Canals

    The Venice Beach Canals are a very relaxing, peaceful place to take a walk and enjoy the scenery.

  • V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

    written by neja on 2012-07-30 #places
    V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

    V&A Waterfront, a place for everything! There is no other place like V&A Waterfront, seriously! You can meet the whole world here: people who come to Cape Town but are too afraid to explore, so they stayed at the Waterfront Hotels, eat at the waterfront restaurants, shop at the Waterfront shops...

  • Fish and Chips Jazz

    written by webo29 on 2011-01-18 #places
    Fish and Chips Jazz

    What do international jazz artists and fishermen have in common? Ta' Liesse, the south, south eastern side of the peninsula of Valletta has two sides: fish by day, jazz music by night, it's bound to pull the right strings with anyone.

  • Boating in Brizzle

    written by hansie14 on 2010-02-15 #news
    Boating in Brizzle

    I've found the ultimate recipe: The Holga + a boat ride = absolute pure photo joy!

  • The Amazing Bristol Harbourside

    written by hansie14 on 2009-11-26 #places
    The Amazing Bristol Harbourside

    Beautiful, varied, industrial and exciting. Good ole Bristol and it's Harbourfront.

  • The Capital Of MD And A Ghost Town

    written by vtayeh on 2009-10-24 #places
    The Capital Of MD And A Ghost Town

    Ghosts haunting the city is just the beginning!

  • Anchors Aweigh! Cruise Through Purple Seas With these LomoChrome Purple Boats!

    written by cheeo on 2013-11-20
    Anchors Aweigh! Cruise Through Purple Seas With these LomoChrome Purple Boats!

    Everything is given a coat of paint with just a simple click of the shutter with the LomoChrome Purple. Just look at these sea-worthy vessels that will bring you across purple seas to candy-colored shores!

  • Port of Valencia

    written by neja on 2011-12-08 #places
    Port of Valencia

    One of the largest seaports in the Mediterranean Sea. The Port of Valencia is the largest Spanish seaport and one of the largest seaports in the Mediterranean Sea basin. Here, there are 15,000 employees who provide service to more than 7,500 ships every year.

  • One with Nature: The Awesome Beach of Noli

    written by sirio174 on 2012-07-09
    One with Nature: The Awesome Beach of Noli

    In the summer time, the beaches of the Ligurian coast are very crowded and almost all private. The Noli beach is an awesome quiet and natural place to take a sunbath! Check out photos from my Diana F+ and LC-A here.

  • Out to Sea: Marsaxokk, Malta’s Most Memorable Fishing Village

    written by webo29 on 2011-10-16 #places
    Out to Sea: Marsaxokk, Malta’s Most Memorable Fishing Village

    You’d figure that Malta, being surrounded by sea and all, would be bursting with fishermen and in turn, fishing villages, but really and truly, that's not the case. At most I can think of two, Marsaxlokk being the most prominent one.

  • Ikke Bare Plast Not Just Plastic

    written by owalderhaug on 2011-08-09 #places
    Ikke Bare Plast Not Just Plastic

    In the 1950s, plastic was introduced as a new and exciting material for making boats. What followed was an era of beautiful plastic boats. Despite the fact that the old boats have become rare and hard to come by, the museum in Vest-Agder (Norway) has made an event inviting people from all over the country to show off their legendary old boats. As a result, they have created a beautiful scene for any lomographer who wants to capture something unique!

  • Aveiro - The Portuguese Venice!

    written by paper_doll on 2008-12-10 #places
    Aveiro - The Portuguese Venice!

    Last summer, I was bored out of my mind, so I called up a friend of mine and we decided to take a trip on the very next day. Destination? Aveiro! We were a little bit ashamed for not knowing this wonderful city very well, considering it’s just an hour away from Porto, by train. So off we go!Known as the "Portuguese Venice", the city of Aveiro is crossed by many canals, surrounded by salt-flats, lagoons and beaches and dominated by the Central Canal running through town.

  • Hamburg Harbour

    written by kitde on 2011-07-17 #places
    Hamburg Harbour

    The Harbour/Port of Hamburg - a photo opportunity not to be missed!