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  • Lomo LC-Wide Performance Test

    written by syafiqmddaud on 2011-06-27 #gear
    Lomo LC-Wide Performance Test

    Well, at first I had some hard time deciding on which camera to go after using my LC-A. Most of us cannot afford the Lomo LC-Wide that is why they choose not to get one. Fortunately, I decided to go for the Lomo LC-Wide (with the help of my piggies).

  • Holga 120CFN - A Plastic Princess

    written by nelson-oliveira on 2009-11-16 #gear
    Holga 120CFN - A Plastic Princess

    Holga is a medium format camera produced in China with the goal of being a cheap camera and accessible to much of the population and that used the most popular film in China, the 120 film.