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  • In the Shop: Dick & Jane's

    written by jeffmoore on 2010-03-18 #news
    In the Shop: Dick & Jane's

    Interview with Cori, owner of Dick & Jane's in Calgary, Canada.

  • In the Shop: Park Life

    written by jeffmoore on 2010-03-01 #news
    In the Shop: Park Life

    Interview with Derek Song of Park Life in San Francisco, CA.

  • In the Shop: Zinc Details

    written by jeffmoore on 2009-10-13 #news
    In the Shop: Zinc Details

    LC-A 25th Birthday Party at Zinc Details in San Francisco, CA.

  • In the Shop: LUNA Music

    written by laura_jacqueline on 2008-10-27 #news
    In the Shop: LUNA Music

    So, you’re living life in Indianapolis, Indiana. You love music, obsessed even. Where do you go to collect the latest tunes, geek out on new releases in your preferred genre(s) and catch some up-close and personal time with amazing musical acts? **LUNA Music**, of course. Resident in-store Lomographer **Jessica Clark** is one hard working employee at this rockin independent music shop. We wanted to pick her brain about life in Indie/Indy-town and her personal preferences when scouring the many titles in LUNA-land.

  • In the Shop : Tigertree

    written by breyer on 2010-06-24
    In the Shop : Tigertree

    Interview with Niki Quinn of lifestyle boutique Tigertree in Columbus, OH.

  • In The Shop: Dijital Fix

    written by jeffmoore on 2009-04-27 #news
    In The Shop: Dijital Fix

    Interview with David Auerbach, owner of Dijital Fix, a design & electronics boutique in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

  • In the shop:Tuttle Cameras

    written by lostinla74 on 2010-06-02 #news
    In the shop:Tuttle Cameras

    Interview with owner of Tuttle Cameras, Eric Vitwar in Long Beach CA.

  • In the Shop: Pop Deluxe

    written by jeffmoore on 2009-06-02 #news
    In the Shop: Pop Deluxe

    Interview with Amber Westerman of Pop Deluxe in Madison, WI.

  • In the Shop: Michael Angelo's Wonderland Beauty Parlor.

    written by jeffmoore on 2009-06-17 #news
    In the Shop: Michael Angelo's Wonderland Beauty Parlor.

    Interview with NYC's Wonderland Beauty Parlor owner, Michael Angelo.

  • In the Shop: Q&A with Bear & Bird

    written by laura_jacqueline on 2008-06-24 #news
    In the Shop: Q&A with Bear & Bird

    *Amanda Magnetta*, creative whirlwind and owner and operator of *Bear & Bird Gallery* (upstairs in Tate’s Comics) in Lauderhill, Florida knows a thing or two about art, style, and a DIY approach to life. Bear & Bird Gallery hosts awesome art shows, creative craft classes, and of course has a shop full of hand picked, aesthetically conscious goods. The gallery is a place for the community to connect, express, and inspire. We caught up with Lady Magnetta about her life in and out of the gallery, her inspirations, and her two adorable canine companions.

  • In The Shop : Sweet Breams

    written by lostinla74 on 2010-12-14 #news
    In The Shop : Sweet Breams

    Sweet Breams collaborates with local artists to create unique bi-monthly exhibitions of original work. They are also pleased to carry a variety of apparel, home goods, designer toys, and other bits of awesomeness that are modern, hip, and a bit harder to find from a variety of local and independent sources.

  • In the Shop: A.C. Gears

    written by laura_jacqueline on 2008-10-06 #news
    In the Shop: A.C. Gears

    On September 18th, <b>AC Gears</b>, the funky gadget boutique du jour of Manhattan, hosted a closing party for their first ever photo contest: “Robot Love”. The shop asked its customers to go out and interpret the theme in any way their Lomographic vision could capture. The results were cross processed mannequins, robots on parade, and a fully costumed duo who spread some robot love all over town.

  • In the Shop: fourTWELVE

    written by jeffmoore on 2009-12-17 #news
    In the Shop: fourTWELVE

    Interview with Beth Bowley, owner of fourTWELVE in Rockland, Maine.

  • In the Shop: World of Mirth

    written by jeffmoore on 2009-05-08 #news
    In the Shop: World of Mirth

    Interview with Thea Brown of World of Mirth in Richmond, Virginia.

  • In the Shop: MODERN

    written by laura_jacqueline on 2008-11-25 #news
    In the Shop: MODERN

    From the moment we met **Denise Sprengelmeyer** from Eugene, Oregon, we knew this design diva had taste. Laser cut chandelier earrings - check. Amazing shoes - check. And an avid Lomographer? - check!

  • In the Shop: Looking Glass Photo

    written by laura_jacqueline on 2008-10-22 #news
    In the Shop: Looking Glass Photo

    *Looking Glass Photo* of Berkeley, California has always been the spot to head when in the Bay Area looking for all things photographic. Hosting classes such as Pinhole Photography, this is one analog destination not to be missed. The staff consists of primarily photographers, giving you a chance to geek out and open up a dialogue on shutter speeds, aperture, film speed, and anything else a shutterbug can dream of. We caught up with owner Jen to find out more about the store, the Bay Area, and life behind the lens.

  • In the Shop: Q&A with Turntable Lab

    written by laura_jacqueline on 2008-07-30 #news
    In the Shop: Q&A with Turntable Lab

    <b>Turntable Lab</b>, a fierce haven for DJ supplies, some slick vinyl, and tasty urban wears was established in 1998 by a triad of music loving gentlemen in NYC. Anthony Cattarina, Jasper Goggins, and Peter Hahn conceived Turntable Lab after numerous negative experiences at stores that sold dj equipment, both big musical instrument chains and shady Canal Street

  • In the Shop: ModCloth

    written by jeffmoore on 2010-05-17 #news
    In the Shop: ModCloth

    Interview with ModCloth co-founder Susan Gregg Koger.

  • In the Shop: Street Level Espresso.

    written by jeffmoore on 2009-01-02 #news
    In the Shop: Street Level Espresso.

    You’re wandering the streets of lovely Victoria in British Columbia and you need to satisfy your hunger for analog imagery while quenching your thirst for a perfectly crafted espresso. Good thing for you **Ken Gordon** has opened the perfect little spot, aptly titled: **Street Level Espresso**. The walls are adorned with large framed prints from a familiar plastic artillery. With a true eye for taste and a true taste for all things coffee, we knew there was more to the man behind the counter.

  • In the Shop : Gigi B.

    written by breyer on 2010-09-15
    In the Shop : Gigi B.

    Interview with art and gift boutique Gigi B. in Vancouver, BC.