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  • My Wedding Shoot

    written by ripsta on 2011-07-23
    My Wedding Shoot

    I like to take the picture of weddings. I can feel a sense of satisfaction and joy with each moment of happiness and beauty that I could capture using film and a Lomography camera.

  • LomoPeople Malaysia: Mohd Ariff

    written by jibamz on 2011-08-26
    LomoPeople Malaysia: Mohd Ariff

    He has the passion that's hard to find in many people. A little bit older than me, still single and available (if he's not hiding about his relationship status from me). Friendly enough with friends, enemies and strangers. Little bit funny, but sometimes friends don't get it. Always dizzy when he has long distance road trips. And at this time, he can be proud of himself for holding a 'lomoamigo' title.

  • Meet your Lomofriends

    written by quaisoir on 2010-04-08 #news
    Meet your Lomofriends

    I recently went on an impulsive journey to Ipoh, Malaysia to meet my Lomofriends for a fantastic Lomo adventure.

  • LC-A + Wide Lens

    written by ripsta on 2011-06-03 #gear
    LC-A + Wide Lens

    LC-A+ Wide Lens is one of my favourite accessories.

  • Fuji Velvia (120, 50 iso) User-Review

    written by reinertlee on 2009-05-30 #gear
    Fuji Velvia (120, 50 iso) User-Review

    Expired Film Are Miracle! I loaded with the expired Fujichrome Velvia 120 with ISO50 into my Holga camera and the results came out with unexpected.

  • My 2011 in Analogue: My Diary of Pictures

    written by ripsta on 2011-12-30 #videos
    My 2011 in Analogue: My Diary of Pictures

    There are many things that happened in 2011 and some of my happy moments which cannot be described by words.

  • The Best Photos of Perak, Malaysia

    written by eva_eva on 2012-06-27 #places
    The Best Photos of Perak, Malaysia

    Perak, one of the 13 states of Malaysia, is the second largest state in Peninsular Malaysia. There are several versions as to the origin of Perak. Some say that the name 'Perak' came from Bendahara Tun Perak of Malacca while some say that it came from the "glimmer of fish in the water" that sparkled like silver, or Perak as it is known in Malay. Therefore, the mere mention of the state's name will reflect the treasures hidden in its earth.

  • Visit the Lion Dance Shop

    written by ripsta on 2011-06-27 #places
    Visit the Lion Dance Shop

    I was lucky to be able to view the process of making this dragon statue for the traditional dance performance.

  • St. Michael's Institution (Ipoh Malaysia)

    written by ripsta on 2009-05-06 #places
    St. Michael's Institution (Ipoh Malaysia)

    St. Michael's Institution (SMI), is one of the premier schools in Ipoh, Malaysia. A part of the La Sallian community of schools worldwide, a brotherhood established by St. John Baptist De La Salle. The original building is now a designated heritage site in Malaysia.

  • Memory Lane (flea market) @ Ipoh

    written by eastmoe on 2008-10-30 #places
    Memory Lane (flea market) @ Ipoh

    Another thing in my 'must do' lists is the Sunday morning 'Memory Lane' visit. This Ipoh flea market has everything for everyone.You can find antiques like old coins, old currencies,old books, vases, old and vintage camera.WW2 items being sold here (one antique seller I saw had a WW2 soldier's metal cap for sale).

  • My Favorite Patch of Greenery: Gunung Lang, Ipoh

    written by jochan on 2012-04-12 #places
    My Favorite Patch of Greenery: Gunung Lang, Ipoh

    My husband and I took a break during the weekend and paid a visit to Gunung Lang equipped with a Lomo LC-Wide and a BeLOMO Elikon 535. Once in, we were greeted with a magnificent lake enclosed by majestic limestone outcrops surmounted by lush greenery. Across the lake lies a landscaped park that is only accessible by boat. Fortunately, a jetty provides ferry services through water taxis for visitors like us to reach the park.

  • The Cave Temple at Kek Look Tong

    written by jochan on 2012-02-02 #places
    The Cave Temple at Kek Look Tong

    The Kek Look Tong Cave Temple is a tourist attraction situated in the natural and picturesque area of Gunung Rapat in the south of Ipoh - the capital of Perak state in west Malaysia. It is owned and managed by Kek Look Seah (a nonprofit organization).

  • Ulu Chepor Waterfall Chemor, Perak

    written by ripsta on 2011-10-10 #places
    Ulu Chepor Waterfall Chemor, Perak

    Ulu Chepor Waterfall, Chemor. Nature lovers will definitely love this place. Surrounded by lush greenery, this is a great place for a picnic

  • Pasir Salak Historical Complex

    written by eastmoe on 2008-07-14 #places
    Pasir Salak Historical Complex

    Pasir Salak is the site where JWW Birch, the first British Resident of Perak, was killed. The Pasir Salak Historical Complex is 70 km from Ipoh City in southern Perak. Pasir Salak is in the heartland of Perak Malay culture. Within the area around Pasir Salak are no less than 10 royal mausoleums to past Perak Sultans.....

  • Kellie's Castle in Batu Gajah (Ipoh)

    written by eastmoe on 2008-07-14 #places
    Kellie's Castle in Batu Gajah (Ipoh)

    Kellie's Castle, (or Kelly's Castle as it is sometimes wrongly spelled) some kilometers out of Ipoh, is a great tourist attraction. And the story about the castle is as impressive as the castle itself.