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  • Secondhand Love Affair: Zenit EM Moskva '80

    written by shuttersentinel17 on 2012-02-28
    Secondhand Love Affair: Zenit EM Moskva '80

    A love story between a Malaysian student and a lovely Russian. I know you're curious, so why don't you go ahead and read about it after the jump!

  • Matt Anderson’s Nomad Life

    written by cheeo on 2014-10-10 #people
    Matt Anderson’s Nomad Life

    A life on the road can be perilous as it is rewarding. Photographer Matt Lief Anderson’s photographs of sweeping fields, calm waters and sloping mountains have different stories to tell.

  • PWD - Photographing While Driving

    written by jblaze823 on 2009-12-02 #gear #tutorials
    PWD - Photographing While Driving

    DWIs (Driving While Intoxicated) are bad, but PWDs (Photographing While Driving) can be great!

  • Traveling with Fuji Wide: New Vans Advertising Campaign

    written by fascinatingirl on 2012-04-14 #news
    Traveling with Fuji Wide: New Vans Advertising Campaign

    Vans opens Spring/Summer 2012 with an original and beautiful work that is 100% analogue. Story is easy: Three friends travel by car in the United States to celebrate the new year.

  • Top 10 Interview with a Photographer Series #9: Ken Ku

    written by nation_of_pomation on 2010-07-09
    Top 10 Interview with a Photographer Series #9: Ken Ku

    We are happy to introduce you to our Top 10 Interview with a Photographer Series! Meet Photographer #9 Ken Ku (aka hrh1002), who inspired the interviewer (nation_of_pomation) to take pinhole images, and learned a lot of technical aspects about photography too.

  • Cross Processing and Top Fuel

    written by flashback on 2011-01-25
    Cross Processing and Top Fuel

    Equipped with slide film and a LOMO LC-A+ camera, I documented the sport of top Top fuel racing. Top fuel is a class of drag racing in which the cars run on a mix of nitromethane and methanol.

  • Road 99: the Southern Scenic Road of New Zealand

    written by vicuna on 2011-01-09 #places
    Road 99: the Southern Scenic Road of New Zealand

    The Southern Scenic Road or Road 99 is the southernmost road you can take in New Zealand. The landscapes are absolutely stunning and you'll reach the most southern point of this country. In front of you is nothing more than the wide sea and far, far away is the south pole.

  • Brushfield Street

    written by neja on 2011-03-09 #places
    Brushfield Street

    Brushfield Street- from the busyness of the City to the ghosts of Jack the Ripper.

  • Skeleton Coast - The Place Called Nowhere

    written by disdis on 2009-07-10 #places
    Skeleton Coast - The Place Called Nowhere

    The feelings all along the road coast of Namibia cannot be explained. You have nothing near, in the middle of nowhere, with just brave green waves sounds, wind, sand and skeletons... You are just... a tiny living being with death all around you!

  • A Perfect Stroll at Champs-Elysées

    written by neja on 2012-02-29 #places
    A Perfect Stroll at Champs-Elysées

    On Champs-Elysées...in the sun, in the rain during midday or at midnight, it has everything that you want.

  • Hagley Road Office Blocks

    written by d_i_hunter on 2009-05-22 #places
    Hagley Road Office Blocks

    Beauty in brutal architecture of Hagley Road.

  • London - A Walk at the Portobello Road Market

    written by bigbadwolf on 2011-02-06 #places
    London - A Walk at the Portobello Road Market

    Portobello Road is one of the places that every visitor in London has to experience. Every Saturday, this road is closed for automobiles but is filled with people strolling along the many little quirky shops and street counters with a vast variety of goods! Last summer, my mother came to visit me in London with a friend and I felt that we had to go.

  • La Puebla de Arganzón- Sunflowers Mean No Nuclear Place!

    written by disdis on 2009-07-26 #places
    La Puebla de Arganzón- Sunflowers Mean No Nuclear Place!

    Do you know what bio fuel/bio diesel is? Here you find some answers!

  • Hagley Road Hotels

    written by d_i_hunter on 2009-05-20 #places
    Hagley Road Hotels

    A main road with hotels that can only be described as 'variable in quality'...

  • Highway 126 Southern California

    written by jblaze823 on 2010-01-27 #places
    Highway 126 Southern California

    California Highway 126 connects Santa Clarita, CA to Ventura, CA with a beautiful drive through hills, ranches, and small towns.

  • Summer in Bulgaria: The Iskar Gorge Road

    written by kneehigh85 on 2012-10-31 #places
    Summer in Bulgaria: The Iskar Gorge Road

    This summer I was lucky enough to spend two weeks touring around Bulgaria with three other people in a brand new Chevy! Over the next few articles, I am going to share with you some of my photos from that trip, place by place. This is about our first experience of driving in Bulgaria, through a beautiful mountain gorge trail.

  • Horny Ok Please: 8000 km of Lomography!

    Horny Ok Please: 8000 km of Lomography!

    Sonalee & Tony have started on a 8,000 Km journey along the coastline of India with 4 Lomography Cameras. And what could be better than they documenting and sharing their journey with the entire Lomographic community! So starting at week one, this is "Horny Ok Please" on their epic trip.

  • Travelling by bus in Burkina Faso

    written by vicuna on 2008-12-08 #places
    Travelling by bus in Burkina Faso

    During my travel to Burkina Faso, I stayed very few time in Ouagadougou, because the main destination was Nouna, in the west part of the country. The only way to go there is with a 4x4 or the regular bus line of "Liza Transport International". As I had no 4x4, I chose Liza.... what a travel!

  • National Park Serra da Estrella

    written by lomodirk on 2008-04-27 #places
    National Park Serra da Estrella

    The National Park Serra da Estrella is the highest mountain chain in Portugal. Most of the Portuguese just call it Serra. The highest Mountain is the so called Torre, which is almost 2000 meters high. On the way up and down I had to stop for several times just to take some pictures of this really natural beauty.

  • My Autumn Story: Trading Autumn for Summer

    written by lomofrue on 2013-10-17
    My Autumn Story: Trading Autumn for Summer

    I don't like autumn that much. There, I said it. I love the colors, of course I do, but I don't like this part of the year. It's a sad season: the school starts, summer ends, and with it come all those carefree days. I don't like it, it's like even nature is mourning with all the green turning to brown and dark red. That's why I always try to go somewhere else when autumn starts.

  • Riding Tenerife Roads

    written by deprofundis on 2011-02-05 #places
    Riding Tenerife Roads

    Because of nice Canary Islands weather, we can enjoy riding motorbikes during the whole year. I've had my Honda Shadow for a few months but I already have many good times on it.

  • Grande Corniche

    written by vicuna on 2008-04-27 #places
    Grande Corniche

    The Grande Corniche is one of the 3 coastal roads going from Nice to Menton and the Italian border. There's the Basse Corniche (lower coastal road), the Moyenne Corniche (middle coastal road) and the Grande Corniche (High coastal road) also known as the road D2564 (see this link for the exact location of the road: "http://www.cg06.fr/tourisme/parcs-corniche-fiche.html":http://www.cg06.fr/tourisme/parcs-corniche-fiche.html). This road was constructed by Napoleon the 1st at the beginning of the 19th century and was the only way to go from Nice to Menton. Take the beginning of the road in Nice, near of the port, and follow the signs "Observatoire" or "Grande Corniche". It's climbing until 500-800m above the sea and that's why it's one of the best places to admire the beautiful Mediterranean landscapes of the Cote d'Azur. The whole area around this road is a natural park with beautiful forests and a lot of walking possibilities through the park.

  • Wanderlust: Road Trippin'

    written by lomofrue on 2013-10-25
    Wanderlust: Road Trippin'

    I keep on hearing from people that I have my head in the clouds. Every time I come from a trip somewhere, I'm already thinking about a new adventure. I can't help myself. It's not that I don't like it at home, it's just that there's so much to see and yet so little time. I have this little voice in my head that's constantly saying, "Come on, go outside, explore, have an adventure." Do you know what I'm talking about?

  • Give Way!

    written by sirio174 on 2012-07-31 #places
    Give Way!

    With this article I present to you an adventure in the urban suburbs of my city, Como, where I photographed some rail level crossings. In these photos you can see many signs of carelessness, degradation, and poor maintenance.

  • Trabi Safari

    written by trabantdeluxe on 2008-04-27 #places
    Trabi Safari

    Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the Trabant, that infamous East German "wundercar", has become a cult icon of the reunification of Germany, and of the new Berlin. The Trabant assembly line at VEB Sachsenring in Zwickau has long since shut down, and while they were once numerous, Trabants (or "Trabis", as they are affectionately called) are becoming more and more scarce on the streets of Berlin, and elsewhere. A combination of old age, lack of spare parts, stricter emission standards, and quite frankly, more efficient, modern vehicles has been the Trabant's harbinger of doom for many years. As such, they are not as common to find as they once were, making it harder for the self-admitted Trabi-addict to find and drive one.

  • Hitchhikingrs' Heaven

    written by puly on 2008-04-27 #places
    Hitchhikingrs' Heaven

    If you are a hitchhiker - read further. If you're not, so this place won't be interesting for you at all. Four roads, from Kaunas, Palanga, Silale and Klaipeda cross each other here, and I call this place a hitchhikers heaven because as many times as I have hitchhiked here I haven't waited for a car to stop for more than 10 minutes. In Lithuania there are two biggest main roads and these are ViaBaltica and Vilnius - Klaipeda.

  • LomoAmigo The Colourist on the road with La Sardina and the LC-A+

    written by antoniocastello on 2013-11-01 #people
    LomoAmigo The Colourist on the road with La Sardina and the LC-A+

    The Colourist band has just arrived in Austin after a exhaustive tour with The Naked and Famous. After 22 shows and 30 days on the road we talked with Maya Tuttle (drums and vocals) and this is how she feels (for her at least) about going on a rock tour.

  • Walk The Lomo Walk

    2011-05-19 #news
    Walk The Lomo Walk

    Are you in Mumbai? Are you getting restless to use a Lomography camera but you don't know where to get one? Well, we're organizing the Second Lomography Photowalk here in Mumbai, 22 May.

  • London weekend walk (part 1)

    written by arsemonkey on 2008-12-25 #places
    London weekend walk (part 1)

    The sun was shining and the sky was blue, the perfect conditions for a photographic 'mission-possible'. Starting out in the East End, I prowled