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  • LomoCelebs: OFWGKTA Shoots Film

    written by tesslucia on 2012-07-16 #news
    LomoCelebs: OFWGKTA Shoots Film

    Let's be honest, OFWGKTA's music is awful but the lives they lead seem rather interesting. Check out analogue photos by the artist collective formally known as "Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All" here, believed to be taken with Yashica T4 or disposable cameras.

  • Lomopedia: Yashica T4

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2014-02-17 #videos #gear
    Lomopedia: Yashica T4

    A 35mm compact camera that would make a good choice for street photographers, don't let the Yashica T4's simple looks lead you into thinking that it won't allow you to take impressive snapshots!

  • The Tiniest Lights: My 365-Day Project

    written by lita_bosch on 2012-05-02
    The Tiniest Lights: My 365-Day Project

    My 2012 resolution? Remember an analogue moment each day. Read about my own 365-day analogue project that I started in January of this year.

  • Feng Chia Night Market during Daytime

    written by eyecon on 2009-07-21 #places
    Feng Chia Night Market during Daytime

    That´s right - I went to that area in the daytime, because my wife went to her favorite hairdresser which is located in this area. So, since I don´t have that much hair to cut I took my Yashica T4 instead and went out on the streets....what a nice decision.