My first Sprocket Rocket film!

Here are my very first efforts with Sprocket Rocket! All photos are taken in my neighborhood, Kypseli, in Athens,Greece and a nearby park. Hope you like them!


  1. dhuffone
    dhuffone ·

    Sweet! :-)

  2. laseraphita
    laseraphita ·

    Amazing colors, amazing atmosphere! Great shot!

  3. pete
    pete ·

    love the colors!

  4. imym
    imym ·

    Ouuu que vistas desde el tejado y que colores en el cielo!!^^ muy xula!!:D

  5. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    beautiful colors..<:)

  6. theycallmeelton
    theycallmeelton ·

    Beautiful atmoshpere! Awesome colours! Fantastic photo! :)

  7. wrenneevans
    wrenneevans ·

    crazy colors!

  8. elvismartinezsmith
    elvismartinezsmith ·


  9. kralle
    kralle ·

    beautiful colors!

  10. lizkoppert
    lizkoppert ·

    Awesome colours!

  11. ghostdays
    ghostdays ·

    pretty darn beautiful

  12. stairwayofcrimps
    stairwayofcrimps ·

    omg! the sky is awesome! nice shot!

  13. pili_iker
    pili_iker ·


  14. hollywooddino
    hollywooddino ·

    Amazing photo Mary. The Sprocket Rocket is my favorite camera

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