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  • Japanese Garden in Van Nuys

    written by JnetnJoey on 2009-11-17 #places
    Japanese Garden in Van Nuys

    Japanese Garden is an Oasis at the Heart of LA's San Fernando Valley. From lotus ponds to golden gingkos to snowy egrets to watery reflections, this unexpected treasure is a delight for all seasons.

  • Outdoors in Portland, Oregon

    written by strangelilgirl on 2008-09-10 #places
    Outdoors in Portland, Oregon

    Every time I go to Portland I discover new things and find new favorite places while I'm there. My absolute favorite spot is Pioneer Square. Smack in the middle of downtown, this “outdoor living room" as it’s called can sometimes host flower festivals, be dressed up around the holidays, or simply provide a relaxed place to chill on some stairs or play hacky-sack with friends (it doesn't hurt that there's a Starbucks located at the square, too).

  • Japan Feeling in Erfurt

    written by annegreat on 2009-01-02 #places
    Japan Feeling in Erfurt

    As a German you sometimes wish for experiencing something exotic and foreign – at least I do. If your bank account tells you that a journey to the other side of the world is not going to happen in the near future a trip to a local area will help a bit to cure the feeling which we call “Fernweh” in Germany.