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  • Volunteering Under African Skies in Malawi

    written by mirthejasmijn on 2012-08-22 #places
    Volunteering Under African Skies in Malawi

    If you are a Dutch 16-year-old girl, you’re not very likely to find yourself cleaning toilets that are occupied by cockroaches somewhere in Africa. However, that’s one of the things I did this summer when I volunteered in Malawi - and it was amazing.

  • V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

    written by neja on 2012-07-30 #places
    V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

    V&A Waterfront, a place for everything! There is no other place like V&A Waterfront, seriously! You can meet the whole world here: people who come to Cape Town but are too afraid to explore, so they stayed at the Waterfront Hotels, eat at the waterfront restaurants, shop at the Waterfront shops...