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  • Yummy Dumaguete Breakfast Treats

    written by lakandula on 2011-09-02 #places
    Yummy Dumaguete Breakfast Treats

    A tour of Dumaguete will never be complete without a morning fill of sticky rice and ripe mango paired with native hot chocolate. Where else can this divine breakfast be best available in the city except at the eateries in a public market.

  • Rita's Italian Makes Jacksonville Beach Look Good

    written by itsdebraanne on 2012-08-01 #places
    Rita's Italian Makes Jacksonville Beach Look Good

    One word: Gelati. Two words: Mango Gelati. Three words: Best when cold. Four words: I want one now! In my opinion, Jacksonville Beach isn't family friendly. Too many college age and homeless bums hang out at this beach. There are so many cigarette buds on the ground. My fear is that I'll step on broken beer glass in the sand. And a friend of a friend almost got raped while out jogging in the morning. I avoid it.