13 June 2011
The Philippines celebrated its 113th Independence Day yesterday - commemorating the end of Spain's 300-year colonial rule in the country and the birth of the Philippine nation. In line with the celebration, I took portraits of my artist-friends against a Katipunan flag which was hanging from a window of the cooperative building during the health caravan in Gabaldon. The Katipunan, the secret revolutionary movement founded in 1892, was discovered by the Spanish authorities in 1896 which led to the outbreak of the Philippine revolution. One of the flags used by the Katipunan was a red flag with three white Ks and a shining sun. Thinking that the analogue prophecies are visions of a revolutionary future, I asked my friends to hold film negatives across their faces. Luckily, my friends were wearing shirts the colors of which represent the present Philippine flag (blue, red, yellow and white). Doubled my shots with images of contemporary buildings and streets.

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