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  • Minolta HI-Matic E

    written by drumfire on 2009-08-25 #gear
    Minolta HI-Matic E

    The Minolta HI-Matic E is a mechanical rangefinder camera from 1971, with sharp light lens Rokkor 40/1.7 metallic body and automatic exposure which is perfect for traveling and reportage.

  • Spice Bazaar

    written by noiway on 2009-10-13 #places
    Spice Bazaar

    The most delicious and exotic bazaar in Istanbul. Just breathe the air!

  • Sunday at Chatuchak! (Bangkok)

    written by vstephanie on 2009-03-19 #places
    Sunday at Chatuchak! (Bangkok)

    Go to Chatuchak and find yourself leaving Thailand with an overweight luggage! Try to stick to inanimate objects so you don’t come home with a cute furry little animal!

  • Jaipur Tripping on Some Sprocket Rocket Magic

    written by jimjimm on 2012-10-09 #places
    Jaipur Tripping on Some Sprocket Rocket Magic

    My fleeting visit to the city of Jaipur in pleasant September, and it was a chance for my constant companion of recent times - the Sprocket Rocket, to capture some Lomo magic of Jaipur's historical soul. Truly, Jaipur and the Sprocket Rocket are a match made in heaven!

  • Lorong Kulit Flea Market, Penang

    written by nea on 2011-08-19 #places
    Lorong Kulit Flea Market, Penang

    Formerly known as Thieves Market, the Lorong Kulit flea market is one of the must-see places when you are in Penang. Located near the city stadium, it operates daily in the morning. And no, it's not a market full of thieves or selling stolen stuff nor is it just an ordinary flea market, it's actually a vintage bazaar.

  • Singapore's Top Flea Markets

    written by soundfoodaround on 2012-07-27
    Singapore's Top Flea Markets

    Vintage boots, collector first-edition books, old family-photographs of people you'll never meet, all carefully stored in a shoebox. These are the sights you can bank on coming across at any flea market. Here are the top 3 flea markets in Singapore for you to enjoy!

  • The Bazaar by Lomography: Tell Us What You Seek!

    written by Lomography on 2016-03-28 #news
    The Bazaar by Lomography: Tell Us What You Seek!

    If you haven't already heard, we've launched a new curated category of over 250 exciting products. And we want your help to find even more! Share you suggestions for the Bazaar and you might get a special thank you gift from us!

  • Introducing the Bazaar by Lomography!

    written by Lomography on 2016-03-25 #news
    Introducing the Bazaar by Lomography!

    With over 250 exciting and experimental products to choose from, the Bazaar by Lomography is your one-stop hub for the most creative and alternative tools out there!

  • Online Promotion: Summer Bazaar (Asia Only) !

    written by sanamiii on 2014-05-22 #news
    Online Promotion: Summer Bazaar (Asia Only) !

    Summer is always thrilling and worth looking forward to. There are so many exciting things to do: trips to the seaside, chilling out with friends with beer and music, and going on surfing holidays, to name a few. To make summer even more fun is the ongoing Summer Bazaar in the Lomography Online Shop!