Tag: vandalism

  • Words Of Revolution!

    written by bulletofmine on 2011-08-20
    Words Of Revolution!

    In this digital era, people have started to forget all things analogue. People would rather listen to iPods than walk with their old cassette walkmans. The catastrophe is also infecting the photography field. Almost everyone had gone digital, and simply forgot the golden age of film photography.

  • The Foundary, Charlestown and Cornwall

    written by inthesky on 2009-06-10 #places
    The Foundary, Charlestown and Cornwall

    An Industrial Vanishing Act... Even if at first you feel physically or emotionally distanced from something or someplace, isn't it strange how such a void seems to intensify your own sense of attachment?

  • The Abandoned Geo. W. Reed & Co. factory a.k.a.

    written by cheesegirl on 2010-01-18 #places
    The Abandoned Geo. W. Reed & Co. factory a.k.a.

    Historical and factual information on this building is scarce due to the fact that it is an abandoned factory that is located on an abandoned street. It is a dream location for anyone interested in urban exploration, abandoned factories, and graffiti.

  • The Camberwell Gumwall

    written by filby on 2010-10-16 #places
    The Camberwell Gumwall

    Is it Art? Is it Vandalism? Opinions are divided on the Camberwell Gumwall. What do you do with your chewing gum when it has lost it's flavor? In the Melbourne suburb of Camberwell is a wall that answers this question, or at least it does for the youth of the area!