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  • Bucuresti - City of 3 Million Faces

    written by anysomething on 2009-05-29 #places
    Bucuresti - City of 3 Million Faces

    I moved to Bucharest 7 years ago. I only know 0,003 % of the people living here, but I'm happy.

  • Total Bucureşti

    written by docmorris on 2009-04-01 #places
    Total Bucureşti

    In Bucureşt in Romania a place where has a lot of given name or cliches.

  • Meeting Henri Cartier-Bresson

    written by denisesanjose on 2012-07-31 #news #videos
    Meeting Henri Cartier-Bresson

    "He had an old, rugged fisherman's coat, with a camera underneath, and another camera around his neck, without the lens," recalls Andrei Pandele, a Romanian architect and photographer who was lucky enough to meet the master photographer. Watch as he shares the stories behind some of the iconic photos Catier-Bresson took as they toured Bucharest in May 1975.

  • LomoWall Romania 01 - Color Positive

    written by sumsi on 2010-07-13 #news
    LomoWall Romania 01 - Color Positive

    Great round-up for all Romanian lomographers! We'll be having our own first LomoWall in Bucharest now call for submissions! Opening exhibition is happening July 22nd at Gradina Verona (Carturesti) where we're joining our friends from Decat o Revista in their 3rd issue launch.

  • Saint Ink Studio: Best Place to Find Art

    written by pvalyk on 2012-01-18 #places
    Saint Ink Studio: Best Place to Find Art

    Saint Ink Studio is the perfect place in my city to find art. Whether it's tattoos, film photography or any other analogue habits, you'll find it here.

  • LomoWall Romania 01 Exhibition

    written by sumsi on 2010-08-09 #news
    LomoWall Romania 01 Exhibition

    The very first Romanian LomoWall with the topic "Color Positive" is still on display for two more weeks at Gradina Verona (Carturesti), Bucharest. Check out details plus photos of the exhibition opening here!

  • F64 Studio: Photo Department Store in Bucharest, Romania

    written by matej_mjaw on 2013-09-13 #places
    F64 Studio: Photo Department Store in Bucharest, Romania

    F64 Studio in Bucharest has a surface area of 1,300 square meters, making it the largest photo store in Romania. A three storey building is split into several areas such as a photo studio, exhibition place, relaxation space with a photo bookstore and fish tank, creative space and children’s playground. The space has a capacity to display approximately 5,000 products.