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  • Lomopedia: Horizont

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2013-05-18 #gear
    Lomopedia: Horizont

    The successor of the KMZ FT-2 and the predecessor of the Horizon 202, the Horizont camera was produced in the Soviet Union in 1967. Find out more about this early swivel lens panoramic camera after the jump!

  • Mokoro Trip in Okavango Delta

    written by tveden on 2009-03-08 #places
    Mokoro Trip in Okavango Delta

    The Okavango delta is Botswana’s most famous nature reserve, and it has a very rich wildlife, which vary with the seasonal flood of the delta.

  • Maun

    written by tveden on 2009-01-21 #places

    Just under the Okavango delta lies Botswana's 5'th largest city Maun. This is the place to go if you're going to explore the safaris of Okavango, which is very recommendable. Maun is a very lokal and charming city, without the tourism ruining the spirit.

  • Skating your way through Portland

    written by yankeemiss on 2012-06-21
    Skating your way through Portland

    There may not be a bigger place in the skating world than Portland, Oregon. It is the mecca for skaters with many coming from all over the world to skate in one of our many parks. It started with a vision and a lot of hard work under the Burnside Bridge and spread to bowls throughout the inner city and the burbs and recently to the newly opened park in Estacada.