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  • Irshansk Titan Factory

    written by wil6ka on 2009-03-05 #places
    Irshansk Titan Factory

    With the economic production coming to a little stop due to the crisis we shouldn't forget that now more than ever it will important to Proust real things instead of financial dreams. And to do real things, almost all real things, you will need Titan. A base of almost every industrial product. A resource that is found largely in the Ukraine. I have been to such a mine and factory: Moonwalk reloaded!

  • Waterval Boven

    written by nicx on 2011-06-25 #places
    Waterval Boven

    To escape the city, me and my family own a little house in a very little town called Waterval Boven, this is so we can get out of Johannesburg for a bit and recharge, this is indeed the quintessential one-horse town minus the horse.

  • Mining Museum of Lewarde, Northern France.

    written by reflections on 2008-11-24 #places
    Mining Museum of Lewarde, Northern France.

    On the site of a former pit, France's biggest mining museum offers a descent into the coal stoves and an introduction to daily life in the coalfield. The Delloye Colliery produced up to 1 000t of coal per day between 1930 and 1971.