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  • Fuji Provia 100F: My Favorite E6 Slide Film!

    written by coolsigg on 2011-03-29 #gear
    Fuji Provia 100F: My Favorite E6 Slide Film!

    Like many Lomographers, I started my Lomographic journey because I was amazed by the strong saturated colors of cross-processed slide films. When I felt ready to venture into slide films, I tried one of the most commonly found iso100 slide film, Fuji Provia100F. My verdict? Read on to find out more!

  • The Magic Mystery Of Multiple Exposure

    written by lucasjakobsson on 2009-01-16 #news

    There’s something very exciting about not knowing what’s coming up next. Pleasant surprises, adrenaline rushes, and knock-your-socks-off kind of shocks – the feelings that you get with multiple exposures! Just in case you have not discovered this wonderful technique yet – multiple exposure is a method where you expose the film more than once. You’ll never know what you’d come up with, regardless if you try this trick randomly or carefully plan out your multiples! This technique gives you total control over your shots, allowing you to create a strangely endearing picture from layers of images!

  • Monochrome: What Does it Mean?

    written by jeanmendoza on 2011-09-30
    Monochrome: What Does it Mean?

    Monochromatic film photographs seem more dramatic since the images are portrayed as a single hue. But what exactly does monochrome mean?

  • Three Sitting Birds, Cyprus

    written by mayag on 2013-08-02 #places
    Three Sitting Birds, Cyprus

    The shop “Three Sitting Birds” first opened its doors in Nicosia in September 2011, aiming at introducing Lomography to Cyprus and bringing film photography back to life. I believe that an art movement like Lomography is essential and could inspire communities to evolve and create and I would love my shop to be part of that process.