Rochor Centre is a unique set of public housing flats near the Bugis district in Singapore. They are distinctive because of the 4 bright colours the blocks are painted in (red, blue, green and yellow) Unfortunately, as in many the case in Singapore, the buildings will soon be demolished to make way for a train line. While taking the photos, I tried to imagine: What would I miss of the surroundings if I was a resident here? What are the views unique to these set of blocks that I might not see elsewhere? While I can understand the need for progress and development, I also have to question what are we losing in the name of development, and what exactly are we gaining in return? Knowing that these buildings would soon be gone, I wish I had taken better pictures with the right film! Do I have time before they are gone forever?? Photos taken on the Broken Smena and the Sprocket Rocket.

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