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  • Analogue Girl About Town: Seattle

    written by blueskyandhardrock on 2013-04-04
    Analogue Girl About Town: Seattle

    The dust had barely settled behind us at the California-Oregon border when our tire popped, leaving us stranded in a small Oregon city (if you can call it that) in the middle of the widest gray sky I’ve ever seen in my life while men with heavy country accents replaced all our tires. I thought it a bad omen and grumpily urged my boyfriend to drive us back to LA, already missing its sun and its big city conveniences.

  • Downtown Seattle

    written by strangelilgirl on 2008-10-29 #places
    Downtown Seattle

    Grunge music, perpetual rain, the foundation of today’s most popular coffee…step foot in downtown Seattle and you’ll find it all, whether it’s coming from the music of street performers, the freshly brewed aromas at Pike Place Market, or the feel of your sweatshirt hood pulled against your face. These are things commonly associated with Seattle, even for people who’ve never been there before. But what I got from visiting this city was more than what could be contained in any amount of cliches combined.