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  • San Francisco bridge in Lisbon?!

    written by saidseni on 2011-02-04 #places
    San Francisco bridge in Lisbon?!

    This is not the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge; this is actually the 25 de Abril bridge, the first to cross the River Tejo in Lisbon.

  • Belém (Lisboa)

    written by tmmluis on 2009-03-26 #places
    Belém (Lisboa)

    Belém is famous as the place from which many of the great Portuguese explorers set off on their voyages of discovery.

  • Arc de Triomphe, Paris

    written by janidays on 2010-03-29 #places
    Arc de Triomphe, Paris

    It is the second largest triumphal arch in the whole world: Arc de triomphe it’s a very beautiful monument located in a place called Place de L'Étoile, in the end of the Champs-Elysées.

  • York Minster

    written by hanspan on 2009-08-18 #places
    York Minster

    York Minster, built, demolished, built, covered in scaffolding... restored :) (hopefully!)

  • Santa Justa Lift (Lisboa)

    written by tmmluis on 2009-02-22 #places
    Santa Justa Lift (Lisboa)

    Santa Justa Lift is an Eiffel Tower-like structure located in Lisbon's downtown.

  • World's Largest Ukrainian Easter Egg!

    written by dirklancer on 2009-10-03 #places
    World's Largest Ukrainian Easter Egg!

    That's right, you thought I couldn't top the World's Largest Ukrainian Garlic Sausage. Well, this is certainly a borderline tacky tourist attraction, but it's WAY more photogenic then that ugly meat ring a few kilometres away in Mundare.

  • Wellington, Capital of New Zealand

    written by vicuna on 2011-01-23 #places
    Wellington, Capital of New Zealand

    Finally, here we are at Wellington! This was our last stop in New Zealand, and is the capital of this country. Even if it's not the biggest city of the country, it's the political capital and also known as the heart of the cultural and artistic life of New Zealand

  • My Favorite Monument in Lisbon

    written by saidseni on 2012-07-18 #places
    My Favorite Monument in Lisbon

    Someone asked me once which was my favorite monument in Lisbon. It is probably the city's aqueduct. I like that it distributes an essential element for life and its beautiful construction makes me burn film after film.

  • The St. Louis Arch

    written by blue-dog on 2009-03-04 #places
    The St. Louis Arch

    The St. Louis Arch, marks where North American history has been made.

  • To Russia with Love: Church of the Savior on Blood, St Petersburg

    written by neja on 2012-11-06 #places
    To Russia with Love: Church of the Savior on Blood, St Petersburg

    One of the most beautiful cathedrals in Russia. Church of the Savior on Blood has a long and troubled history. One could say it is a miracle that we can still go to St Petersburg and enjoy seeing it.

  • World Heritage Attractions in Agra

    written by lomopop on 2011-09-20 #places
    World Heritage Attractions in Agra

    Agra is most famous for the Taj Mahal. However are you aware that the Taj Mahal is just one of three world heritage sites that can be found in Agra? The other two notable sites are Fatehpur Sikri and the Agra Fort.

  • The Making of a Global Icon: Statue of Liberty Construction

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2011-06-29
    The Making of a Global Icon: Statue of Liberty Construction

    The colossal Statue of Liberty, which towers over the New York Harbor as a symbol of American liberty, is one of the most recognizable and scenic sights in the world. Take a look at some construction photographs that tell the story behind one of the world's most iconic landmarks!

  • Himeji Castle

    written by warning on 2010-11-05 #places
    Himeji Castle

    If you want to step in to an Akira Kurosawa film don’t miss the coastal city of Himeji and contemplate the most visited castle in Japan. A trip to Himeji to see one of the best-preserved medieval buildings in Japan is well worth it. It was declared a National Treasure and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993.

  • Robben Island

    written by wil6ka on 2010-06-21 #places
    Robben Island

    The end of apartheid is one of the most significant events in African history, at least in the past decade. And there is one site that symbolizes the return to freedom as no other: Robben Island.

  • Walhalla, The Temple of Heroes

    written by vicuna on 2009-06-24 #places
    Walhalla, The Temple of Heroes

    Come with us, we're going to visit the "Walhalla"! The walala? What's that??? That's the question I asked when I was taken to visit this monument near Regensburg, in Bavaria. And I was really impressed, so I'll share with you what I learned there....

  • Summer Hot Spots: As Catedrais Beach

    written by marta1901 on 2013-06-13 #places
    Summer Hot Spots: As Catedrais Beach

    Summer days are about to come! Have you already chosen a destination? Well, if you haven't because you were too busy lately, maybe you could have a look at my recommendation: the Beach of the Cathedrals! It is one of the most magnificent beaches you can find in the north coast of Spain.

  • Baikove Cemetary: Kiev's Necropolis

    written by pinkpix on 2011-11-13 #places
    Baikove Cemetary: Kiev's Necropolis

    Perhaps it's a bit strange to visit a cemetery on a holiday, but after two days of busy Kiev, a day trip to Chernobyl and Pripyat, and lots of enthusiastic people who kept offering us vodka, s0y and I needed some silence. And this monumental cemetery gave us exactly what we needed, and more.

  • Campo de Santa Clara - Market, Monument and Garden

    written by saidseni on 2011-04-06 #places
    Campo de Santa Clara - Market, Monument and Garden

    Saint Clara's field? No, this is not a rural location! This "field" is at the historical center of Lisbon and it is the place where the famous flea market, "Feira da Ladra" takes place.

  • Slavin, Bratislava

    written by paper_doll on 2011-03-10 #places
    Slavin, Bratislava

    Slavin, also designated by the National Cultural Monument, was erected in 1960 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the liberation of Bratislava in the Second World War.

  • SwissAir Flight 111 Memorial

    written by dirklancer on 2009-06-24 #places
    SwissAir Flight 111 Memorial

    On September 2nd, 1998 Swissair Flight 111 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean 8 kilometres from the shore, between the quiet and picturesque fishing/tourist communities of Peggys Cove and Bayswater, Nova Scotia. All 229 men, women, and children on board died.

  • Commerce Square

    written by tmmluis on 2008-11-18 #places
    Commerce Square

    The Commerce Square, also known as Palace Square, is one of the most majestic squares of Lisbon. This is where the royal palace stood for over two centuries until 1755, when its was destroyed by the Great Earthquake.

  • Lake View Cemetery

    written by seanbryan on 2011-11-01 #places
    Lake View Cemetery

    I've been living in Cleveland far too long to not go see Lake View Cemetery. President Garfield, John D. Rockefeller, Harvey Pekar, and the namesake of practically every building in town are buried there. It's a beautiful fall walk through the woods.

  • Urban Adventures: The Central Cemetery

    written by lucretia on 2011-08-06 #places
    Urban Adventures: The Central Cemetery

    The Central Cemetery of Constanta is a place where you go back in time and learn a bit of history. I was surprised to find a bunch of monuments here and passing by the modern, ordinary graves, you will find at the back at the cemetery a museum-like atmosphere.

  • 7 mosques of Bani

    written by vicuna on 2008-12-04 #places
    7 mosques of Bani

    The 7 mosques of Bani are one of the most important religious and cultural places of Burkina Faso and Sahel area. Bani is a little city (4000 people are living there)in the north part of the country and is famous for this amazing architectural construction of 7 mosques.

  • Alexanderplatz

    written by wil6ka on 2008-04-27 #places

    The Alexanderplatz is a living myth that belongs to Berlin like the Brandenburg Gate. It was a market square, which received his name, based on the russian zar as he was visiting Berlin, in 1805. But it became a legend just after it was connected to U- and S-Bahn in the 20s of the last century and even more so after the Second World War.

  • Urban Adventures in Zaragoza

    written by littlekoala on 2013-04-02 #places
    Urban Adventures in Zaragoza

    Last May, I finally had the time and opportunity to go visit the beautiful city of Zaragoza. Being guided around town by three lomo-friends made this the best introduction one could ever have! Let me share my adventures with you!

  • Monument to the Great Fire of London

    written by juliet1688 on 2011-06-29 #places
    Monument to the Great Fire of London

    The Monument to the Great Fire of London is otherwise known as The Monument. A 202ft tall stone column in the CIty of London close to London Bridge, it is definitely a sight not to be missed, although at times it is!

  • Madrid from Above! Going Up?

    written by miedu on 2011-02-20 #places
    Madrid from Above! Going Up?

    Madrid is an incredible city to lomograph from top to bottom. What usually happens is that we analogically reproduce reality from our own point of view, that of a pedestrian on foot. But the city is much more than that. For example, all the magnificent views on offer are from all its buildings and parks. A good way to spend a roll of film is to go up to the terrace in the Circulo de Bellas Artes (CBA).

  • Mount Washington

    written by jennay_jean on 2009-11-18 #places
    Mount Washington

    Home of the best scenic view of Pittsburgh.

  • Location of the Week

    written by silvergwen on 2009-04-02 #news
    Location of the Week

    Gardens, a famous tower, and a monument - Belém in Lisboa is a cultural eye candy!