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  • The Lomography Time Machine Exhibition Rumble

    written by sumsi on 2011-04-19 #news
    The Lomography Time Machine Exhibition Rumble

    Let's beam us to the Lomography Time Machine exhibition at a beautiful small gallery in the heart of Athens! But before, travel through your photos and select your best shots on this topic to submit to this rumble.

  • The Sunglasses Machine in Munich

    written by erdnusskeks on 2011-04-08 #places
    The Sunglasses Machine in Munich

    One of the reasons why I love Munich is the sunglasses machine. Yes, it really is a machine where you can get sunglasses from - and for only 2x2 Euros!

  • The Enigma Machine

    written by soundfoodaround on 2011-12-02
    The Enigma Machine

    The Enigma of the Enigma Machine. First off there's its mysterious name... And though its function remained a constant from the start you'll be curious to know that those who used it and where it was used didn't! Read on to clear up some of the grey shrouding this hard-to-understand invention!

  • Lomography Time Machine-Shooting Party in Athens

    written by sumsi on 2011-02-10 #news
    Lomography Time Machine-Shooting Party in Athens

    With our recent camera launch, the Sprocket Rocket, with which you can literally travel time, our statement that the future is analogue and futuristic camera concepts, what topic could fit better for a party (and an upcoming competition) than time machine?

  • Gsellmann's Weltmaschine (Gsellmann's world machine)

    written by agrimony on 2008-09-29 #places
    Gsellmann's Weltmaschine (Gsellmann's world machine)

    When you go on a holiday to Styria, a wonderful province of Austria with a breathtaking landscape, you will maybe hear of Gsellmann’s Weltmaschine. Franz Gsellmann who created this strange machine without any practical use was a farmer in Edelsbach near Feldbach in the middle of the Eastern Styrian Vulkanland.

  • Countryside

    written by milkie on 2008-05-09 #places

    h2. Countryside, Vimy, France