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  • Voigtländer VF101

    written by vicuna on 2008-10-21 #gear
    Voigtländer VF101

    Searching through the internet what kind of new camera I could buy, I caught a sight of a nice rangefinder camera branded Voigtländer. The magic name of this optical factory and my desire for a cool semi-automatic rangefinder camera convinced me to buy this Voigtländer VF101. After a few researches I found out a mathematic formula for this camera: "Voigtländer + Zeiss Ikon + Rollei = VF101" – wow - that sounds a strange combination! How did these 3 prestigious names of German camera producers go together to produce this little tiny and sweet VF101 (who has also a twin-sister called Zeiss Ikon S312)... well, that needs a little history lesson ...