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  • Much Larger Than an LC-A, Here's Another Soviet Era Camera!

    written by soundfoodaround on 2012-03-08
    Much Larger Than an LC-A, Here's Another Soviet Era Camera!

    Utah based photographer Michael Fatali has acquired original photographic equipment used during the Cold War in the CIA's U-2 Spy planes. Drawn to nature for it's power and spirit, Michael salvaged the enormous photographic enlarger to photograph what he loves best. The resulting images are astounding.

  • Sun, Sand, and History at OBX!

    written by kingnate on 2010-09-25 #places
    Sun, Sand, and History at OBX!

    The Outer Banks of North Carolina provide not only wonderful beach vacations but also great history lessons to learn, including the story of accidental photographer extraordinaire, John T Daniels.

  • Fukuoka Airport, Japan

    written by unknownsoldier on 2010-12-03 #places
    Fukuoka Airport, Japan

    Fukuoka is located in western Japan; due to its proximity to Korea as well as China, Fukuoka is positioned to become the next tourism and trade hub in Asia. This airport is also considered to be the "gateway to Asia", but if you're just spending a lazy afternoon, no need to go inside, just look for a comfy spot near Fukuoka Airport and instantly get an amazing view of the planes that are departing - and landing in the busy airport.

  • Snapping a Flight in Analogue

    written by mayeemayee on 2013-09-01
    Snapping a Flight in Analogue

    It's coincidental, sometimes even magical; that moment when you see an airplane taking off or flying high up in the sky.

  • I'll Be Home For Christmas Flash Rumble

    written by shhquiet on 2011-12-17 #news
    I'll Be Home For Christmas Flash Rumble

    Sometimes, there's just unavoidable circumstances that make us miss Christmas with our family. But no matter how many miles nor how many continents are in between us, we'll always be home.

  • The Stories within Pictures #8: The Funniest Airplane

    written by erikagrendel on 2012-07-30
    The Stories within Pictures #8: The Funniest Airplane

    Penny’s first memories of Finland are connected with fun and surprise. It was the first week of January and she was preparing herself for the biggest cold and the largest amount of snow in her life. But what awaited her there was pure surprise.

  • My Largest Print: An 80x90 cm Photographic Print

    written by stratski on 2013-09-16
    My Largest Print: An 80x90 cm Photographic Print

    One day, my boyfriend got me a huge old aerial photo. Here's the story behind it.

  • Runway Cycling

    written by cyanwater on 2009-07-29 #places
    Runway Cycling

    Cycling on the runway! How cool is that? The National Runway Cycling and Skating (NRWCS) takes place at the usually out-of-bounds Paya Lebar Air base. It is a yearly event jointly organized by SAFRA National Service Association (SAFRA) and the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • Munich Airport by Mistake

    written by eyecon on 2009-01-28 #places
    Munich Airport by Mistake

    Actually this location is an accident! Because normally I was traveling for business to Thessaoniki / Greece but due to all the meetings it turns out I didn't had any time to take pics in Greece. I was already frustrated about, so that I shoot the film while I had to wait in Munich Airport for the transfer flight.

  • Restaurant Silbervogel (Silverbird)

    written by eyecon on 2008-12-30 #places
    Restaurant Silbervogel (Silverbird)

    When I passed by this location for the first time I was thinking I was daydreaming!

  • Boston Portsmouth Air Show

    written by carmenism on 2011-04-11 #places
    Boston Portsmouth Air Show

    Last summer, I went to the Boston Portsmouth Air Show at the Portsmouth International Airport at Pease, which was the first annual show of its kind. Combined with a clear, sunny weather, it made for a great first experience using slide film. There were oodles of planes of all shapes and sizes to explore and various back-to-back flying exhibitions to check out. Best of all, being an aviation enthusiast or expert was not required to appreciate all of these unique sights!

  • Bthere Magazine Features Lomography!

    written by cruzron on 2011-02-08 #news
    Bthere Magazine Features Lomography!

    Bthere, the Inflight Magazine of Brussels Airlines, has recently paid homage to our analogue love Lomography! Check out what they had to say after the jump!

  • Up in the air: The Air Force Museum Soesterberg

    written by stratski on 2012-11-22 #places
    Up in the air: The Air Force Museum Soesterberg

    The quiet village of Soesterberg used to be a thriving airfoce airbase. These days the airstrip is only used as a shortcut for cyclists. The planes have all gone to the lovely airforce musem (motto: where time flies) on the other side of town.

  • My Favorite Little Airplane

    written by r3b3l on 2011-04-16 #places
    My Favorite Little Airplane

    Of all the airplanes I've flown, the CS-ASR is by far, my favorite one. This little Cessna 152 II will always have a place in my memories.

  • Tuesday Tuesday: Planes Flying Over Fields

    written by chooolss on 2013-11-05
    Tuesday Tuesday: Planes Flying Over Fields

    Here at Lomography, we always like looking at the creative and random photos submitted by our community members in our downtime. And, amusingly, we find that there are a lot of snapshots that bear a striking resemblance to one another – be it in the way they were composed or in idea – even though they were taken in different parts of the globe!