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Tag: oporto

  • S. Bento Station (Porto)

    written by pedrofelix on 2009-02-18 #places
    S. Bento Station (Porto)

    S. Bento Station was inaugurated in 1916, and it was design by the famous architect <b>José Marques da Silva</b>. Before this train station was build there was a Benedictine monastery named São Bento de Avé-Maria. The Monastery was destroyed and then was constructed in the beginning of the XX century the station but the name remains “S.bento”.

  • Oporto

    written by janidays on 2009-07-07 #places

    Oporto is a Portuguese city of 41.66 kilometers square of area where live about 221 800 inhabitants.

  • Tracing your Lomo Beginnings: My first steps as a Lomo newbie

    written by sprofishgel on 2012-11-29
    Tracing your Lomo Beginnings: My first steps as a Lomo newbie

    There are moments in our life that we forget and others we don't. The sad moments we don't forget but happy moments stay with you for a long time. Add some innovation, lack of experience, admiration and color to that moments and suddenly you'll be taken to the past, to your Lomo first steps.

  • Urban Adventures: Extreme Helicopter Ride Over Porto City

    written by zulupt on 2011-08-02 #places
    Urban Adventures: Extreme Helicopter Ride Over Porto City

    Ten minutes of pure adrenaline, meet the city of Porto from a new perspective.

  • 'Aniki-Bòbò': A Tribute to Manoel De Oliveira

    written by sirio174 on 2015-04-08
    'Aniki-Bòbò': A Tribute to Manoel De Oliveira

    This article is a tribute to the great Portuguese film director Manoel de Oliveira, who died last April 2. With an old Praktica loaded with a roll of black and white film, I captured so enthusiastically his city Oporto (Porto) with its famous Ribeira district, the most characteristic of the Lusitanian town. It was here that more than 70 years ago, Manoel De Oliveira created a timeless masterpiece: "Aniki-Bòbò"!

  • Magnificent Porto

    written by triky76 on 2013-03-29 #places
    Magnificent Porto

    Portugal's cultural capital has long been on the top of my wish list. Porto is a magnificent city with lots to offer. Last summer, I prepared an arsenal of film, armed my cameras, and finally set out on a six-day trip to this great city!