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  • Paper Light Meter and Zombies

    written by mr-korn on 2011-07-07 #gear #tutorials
    Paper Light Meter and Zombies

    A (Lomo) prophecy is being fulfilled! In a zombie apocalyptic world, you will have to leave all the modern day comforts behind. Are you ready to say goodbye to electricity and battery-powered electronic automation? Paper Light Meter will help you get properly exposed shots until the end of days.

  • Lora Zombie's Colourful Dreams

    written by lomography-russia on 2013-12-18 #people
    Lora Zombie's Colourful Dreams

    Lora Zombie is an artist who draws her unbelievable paintings in grunge-art style, takes part in a million projects at the same time, loves her alien pets, and successfully experiments with film. Her sense of color, outstanding view of the world, sometimes shocking images, bright personality, and stunning looks attract fans from different corners of the world. We asked her a few questions, and here are the answers we got.

  • The Walking Dead Rumble Winners Announcement

    written by cruzron on 2013-11-15 #news
    The Walking Dead Rumble Winners Announcement

    Now that Halloween's over and the newest season of The Walking Dead picked up steam, it's time to announce the winners of our zombie-riffic rumble!

  • The Walking Dead Rumble

    written by cruzron on 2013-10-30 #news
    The Walking Dead Rumble

    The new season of Walking Dead just premiered and it's only a couple of days away from Halloween. You know what that means: zombies are coming!

  • A Spooky FishEYE

    written by beckyinlondon on 2011-01-31 #places
    A Spooky FishEYE

    Fancy dress costumes are wicked enough in themselves but what if you combine them with your Lomo skills? Costume+ Lomo = sick photos. This selection of snaps are from a zombie-themed party, note the blood, fangs and ghostly characters.

  • Zombies Take Over Manchester!

    written by lgsmanchester on 2012-11-10 #news
    Zombies Take Over Manchester!

    This Halloween, Manchester city centre was overrun with zombies! As four intrepid Ghostbusters led them back to hell, we joined the slow, foot-dragging undead through Manchester city centre on their quest for BRAAAIIINS!

  • Zombie Mixed Media Illustrations to Turn Your Head

    written by soundfoodaround on 2012-02-11
    Zombie Mixed Media Illustrations to Turn Your Head

    Australian illustrator and comic book artist, Ashley Wood is known for his art books, and contributions to numerous magazines,video games, and television shows. He's also a designer of toy figurines! We're impressed by his style and the strong imagery his paintings give and invite you to check them out after the jump!

  • Asia's Tradition of Ghost, Zombie, and Vampire Festivals

    written by memorydusts on 2012-10-31
    Asia's Tradition of Ghost, Zombie, and Vampire Festivals

    Tonight is Halloween! Are you ready to have fun and dress up as any non-human living thing? Wait... maybe they are not even living things at all. Need last-minute inspiration? Let's check out some traditional Asian festivals that celebrate ghosts, zombies, vampires, you name it and realize the celebration of "Halloween" isn't as infrequent and rare as you think.