My teenage years were bombarded with MTv music. The 80s used to be my playground - my la isla bonita - where feelings could be true blue... over and over. I grew up with Madonna's songs like a prayer. While she may not have a really powerful voice, her total package of singing, dancing, acting, fashion, romance and ever-changing persona were all part of her allure that sustained a strong following of cool people who are really into the groove. This album is in a way my crazy for you recollection of those juvenile years listening to Borderline, Papa Don't Preach and so many other pulsating tunes. Doubled images of the Material Girl with street vignettes enroute to an outreach performance. Submerged the film deeper and deeper in boiling water and then gave it a cold bath. I cherish the way the colors appear more intense and bolder than what I'd expect. Must be the heat! LOL

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