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  • BelOMO Etyud (Etude)

    written by mcrstar on 2011-01-02 #gear
    BelOMO Etyud (Etude)

    Etyud -- this is a simple for use plastic camera. One of the few plastic 120 type cameras in the USSR of a 60's and 70's. Faded colors, angular body -- the soviet people know with this type of design. But shoot this camera is very nice.

  • Shanghai GP3 (120, 100 iso) User-Review

    written by eggzakly on 2009-06-12 #gear
    Shanghai GP3 (120, 100 iso) User-Review

    When googled, a few things immediately jump out: It's listed in the "worst film + developer archive" and you come across quotes like "For sure it is amazing, that such a cheap product gives negatives with a picture on it. I still would not bother to waste my time with it." (Georg Kern on photo.net) - this is definitely a film some people love to hate!

  • Etyud (a.k.a. Etude)

    written by eggzakly on 2009-10-10 #gear
    Etyud (a.k.a. Etude)

    This funny-looking plastic thing is, visually, probably the coolest camera ever made (in my humble opinion). It's big, square, chunky and generally odd.

  • Filevsky Park (Fili Park)

    written by mcrstar on 2010-03-20 #places
    Filevsky Park (Fili Park)

    The park is located on the west of Moscow, and go into it, I decided in the early morning.