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  • The Old Hospital

    written by tom_ashor_bhaan on 2008-10-05 #places
    The Old Hospital

    This is my fave abandoned spooky place in the town. how many times i was there alone? twenty? thirty?... (with fisheye, lca, tchaika,zenit..)

  • Uhorná lake (Rožňava)

    written by tom_ashor_bhaan on 2008-07-22 #places
    Uhorná lake (Rožňava)

    Uhorná is a village in the hills between Rožňava and Gelnica in south-eastern Slovakia. You can't find any social or tourist services here, but it has very nice environment. It looks a bit "Scandinavian", what do you think? I was testing my new Holga 135bc (+lca) there with my homies Krtko and Roly. We had a nice time smoking blunts and swimming in the lake.