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  • Travel Stories: The Murals of Belfast

    written by sirio174 on 2015-05-20 #places
    Travel Stories: The Murals of Belfast

    This article is about the Northern Ireland capital Belfast, its narrow streets and colorful murals. This port city will amaze you!

  • Herbert Cooper's Revealing Portraits of Circus Performers

    written by Julien Matabuena on 2015-04-23
    Herbert Cooper's Revealing Portraits of Circus Performers

    When touring circuses came to the Irish town of Strabane before the First World War broke, photographer Herbert Cooper was there to capture photographs of its performers outside the glare of the limelight.

  • St Mary's Church

    written by starsky on 2008-04-27 #places
    St Mary's Church

    Belfast's most famous place of worship is probably St. Anne's Cathedral, located by Cathedral Quarter, a hive of activity at its annual Arts Festival. But in a most unlikely place, St Mary's Church also provides some astonishingly silent sanctuary. A few doors up from Castle Court, Belfast's biggest shopping centre, St Mary's is in a rather odd location, but still a retreat in the midst of city centre madness. Built in 1784, it was Belfast's first Catholic church - before it opened its door, Belfast's Catholic population met to worship at a site called Friar's Bush. Inside the church can be seen brightly-painted statues, Italian artwork, dramatic arrangements of candles and, of course, a depiction of the Sacred Heart.