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  • Budapest: A Walk Along the Danube

    written by megustastu on 2011-02-09 #places
    Budapest: A Walk Along the Danube

    On this occasion I propose to you to know the city of Budapest by walking along the Danube. You could cross its many bridges and get lost in the busy and modern Pest or the quiet and Imperial Buda.

  • Budapest: A City of Two Sides

    written by myahcat on 2011-08-09 #places
    Budapest: A City of Two Sides

    Thinking of taking a Lomo trip? Why not try Budapest in Hungary? It has everything you need, and more, as well as a few surprises.

  • Chain Bridge, Budapest

    written by lihooi on 2011-12-24 #places
    Chain Bridge, Budapest

    Chain Bridge (Lánc Híd) crossing the Danube River is the oldest and most beautiful bridge that connects Buda and Pest. It is a suspension bridge and was opened in 1849.

  • Temples in Kamakura

    written by minicooper on 2008-10-27 #places
    Temples in Kamakura

    Once in Tokyo take the train towards Kamakura. Stop at the Kita-Kamakura station. The walk from North Kamakura to the city center is full of amazing temples where you can take a rest. Once in the center, take the train towards the coast and stop at Hase station. There you'll find the temple with the great Buda. This is a very spiritual stroll.