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  • Rush Creek Trail

    written by kdstevens on 2009-09-17 #places
    Rush Creek Trail

    Rush Creek Trail is really just a dusty old fire road that skirts a tidal marsh. It’s flat and at about 4 miles to the end and back is popular for beginning cyclists, joggers, and families out for a stroll with their dogs. Because of it's open vistas and wildlife; It's also great for photographers.

  • Map It and Tag It Rumble: Quintay - Chile

    written by iaki on 2011-02-13 #places
    Map It and Tag It Rumble: Quintay - Chile

    Do you like diving into the deep blue? Then you must to come to Quintay! It is a small creek located on the route between two of the biggest cities of Chile, Santiago, and Valparaiso.

  • The Greenbelt in Austin, Texas

    written by lynxalb00 on 2012-07-09 #places
    The Greenbelt in Austin, Texas

    Locals love The Austin Greenbelt! It is filled with rock formations that produce water falls, cool watering holes, and fantastic hiking paths. South of downtown Austin, you can escape the urban sprawl and venture into a lush terrain of greenery. You'll never guess that you're just so close to the city!

  • Dubai: Love and Luxury?

    written by horaciorv on 2010-01-01 #places
    Dubai: Love and Luxury?

    Discover another side of Dubai that goes beyond the usual towering hotels and malls. While tourists often head out here to enjoy the various worldly luxuries that this popular city has developed throughout recent years, walking along the Dubai Creek will give you a better sense of how everyday life here is like for many of the locals.