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  • A Fun Afternoon in Lotte World, Seoul

    written by deprofundis on 2012-03-08 #places
    A Fun Afternoon in Lotte World, Seoul

    We spent a fun afternoon in the largest indoor theme park in the world. This amusement park is called "Lotte World". The recreation complex also has an outdoor part called "Magic Island".

  • The Hoppings - Newcastle UK

    written by scootiepye on 2009-03-29 #places
    The Hoppings - Newcastle UK

    For one week only! set up in a giant field come see! roll up roll up ....

  • Capital Ex

    written by dirklancer on 2010-12-11 #places
    Capital Ex

    Winter is a great time to remember summer, is it not? What is it about this annual exhibition that inspires my love/hate relationship with crowds and cotton candy? If you're a bit confused on what I'm talking about, here's a look at Capital Ex - an annual festival that we get to enjoy - or not, every July.

  • The Jackson County Fair

    written by strangelilgirl on 2009-08-17 #places
    The Jackson County Fair

    The Jackson County Fair occurs during one week every summer, taking place at the Expo in Central Point. No matter how old or young you are, there is always something to keep you busy and fill your time with fun!

  • Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois - Summer Road Trip 2009 - Lomostop #16

    written by dirklancer on 2009-11-06 #places
    Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois - Summer Road Trip 2009 - Lomostop #16

    We arrived at Navy Pier as it was getting dark. I had just loaded my LC-A+ with Fuji T64, what was I thinking?

  • Busch Gardens Williamsburg

    written by iamsymmetrical on 2009-11-25 #places
    Busch Gardens Williamsburg

    An extremely touristy amusement park, but has extremely interesting photo subjects!

  • Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen)

    written by scootiepye on 2009-04-06 #places
    Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen)

    One of the oldest amusement park in the world.

  • Dufan for Fun under the Sun!

    written by spidey27 on 2013-08-09
    Dufan for Fun under the Sun!

    Summer is nice; it’s the time when the days are filled with warmth and joy, and you can spend them with lots of things to do. Summer will be special if you get some fun with the people you love, like your family and friends. One example of a great Summer activity is to visit a theme park with many rides and attractions. Read about Dunia Fantasi after the jump!

  • Picture This: Fun Moments of Freedom!

    written by sirio174 on 2013-07-04
    Picture This: Fun Moments of Freedom!

    In this article I want to show you some my favorite activities that allow me to enjoy a great sense of freedom. Sports activities, relaxing, free time, moments with my friends.

  • 10 Ways People Amused Themlselves Before Television

    written by soundfoodaround on 2012-01-24
    10 Ways People Amused Themlselves Before Television

    Join us on a us journey to a time BT (Before Television) and see what life was like from Medieval times through to the beginning of the last century. Check out our list, in semi-chronological order, from oldest to newest, of activities people commonly engaged in before the advent of the household, antenna affixed box!

  • The Niagara SkyWheel

    written by dirklancer on 2011-08-19 #places
    The Niagara SkyWheel

    The Niagara SkyWheel rises above it all. Oh man, that's the cheesiest intro I've written yet. But seriously, the SkyWheel rises above the cheese that is Clifton Hill. Hop in a climate-controlled passenger cabin and get a bird's eye view of the magnificent falls.

  • Coney Island (Brooklyn, New York)

    written by minicooper on 2008-07-10 #places
    Coney Island (Brooklyn, New York)

    Coney Island is the world's center of Freak Show, the paradise for Lomoaddicts. If you really want to go to the past, with no need of using time machines, is as easy as taking the D, F, N or Q trains from Manhattan to Coney Island. During the journey, at least one hour long, you can even sightseeing Brooklyn.

  • Frankfurt Dippemess: Amusement for the Whole Family!

    written by xxxanderrr on 2011-05-17 #places
    Frankfurt Dippemess: Amusement for the Whole Family!

    The Frankfurt Dippemess is the biggest amusement park and convention center in the Rhein-Main area. For a full 3 weeks in springtime and 2 weeks in autumn, and a few days spread out over the summer, it is the biggest family attraction in the region!

  • Barigui Park

    2008-04-27 #places
    Barigui Park

    Every city has its own attractions. One of the most visited spots of Curitiba is the Barigui Park. It's a huuuuuuuuge park inside the city with an artificial lake, museums, amusement park, restaurants, aeromodelism, bike trail, sports field, trekking, barbecue spots, gym, exposition center, and many other things to see. During the summer time or weekends, the park is crowded with kids and dogs, families, couples and tourists having fun in their favorite spots. You can get there by car, bike, bus or even helicopter! You'll have so many things to shoot that you can't decide where to start! My favorite spot is next to the lake, where people bring their kites to fly across the sky. It's a beautiful show and you can't miss it!

  • Tollwood Winterfestival

    written by vicuna on 2009-01-14 #places
    Tollwood Winterfestival

    As everywhere in Germany, the December is the great period of the Christmas markets, with various names (Weinachtsmarkt, Christkindlmarkt, etc...) to enjoy this cold period of the year with a lot of lights everywhere, boutiques and many occasions to drink some hot beverages like the Glühwein, Punsch or Feuerzangenbowle....

  • Spreepark (Berlin, Germany)

    written by trabantdeluxe on 2008-07-11 #places
    Spreepark (Berlin, Germany)

    On the outskirts of Berlin in the heart of the Treptow district, lies the remnants of what was once the only amusement park in the former German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, or East Germany). Built amidst a forested area known as the Plänterwald along the banks of the river Spree, the park was opened in 1969 as "Kulturpark".

  • Gröna Lund Fairground

    written by rube on 2008-05-09 #places
    Gröna Lund Fairground

    It's got to be winter to capture the eerie, abandoned feel of the place. You can shoot the forgotten merry-go-rounds, the deserted roller-coaster and the empty fairytale houses.

  • UK Carnival Fair

    written by ymmij on 2008-04-27 #places
    UK Carnival Fair

    h2. The UK Carnival Fair by Uncle Ringo

  • Moviepark

    written by camerao on 2008-04-27 #places

    Holga, Diana, SX 70 and Horizon entering Hollywood. If you want to make pics like in the glorious old times of Hollywood-Movies... you could do it without spending a lot of time and money. In Warner Brothers Movie parks you'll find back stages, facades and streets where you could imagine that gangsters, Bonny&Clyde or John Wayne have passed. And if you don't go there on holidays or on Sunday, take your time, until people have left the place you want to make your pic - you can make photos like in the 60s or 70s there. And if you take a portrait-film, and the good old SX 70 for your Polaroid-camera, you'll get the sweet colors which fit perfectly to your motives.

  • Richmond Night Market

    written by fash_on on 2008-04-27 #places
    Richmond Night Market

    This night market has something for everyone. Open from 7 pm to midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sundays from May to October. There are lots of stalls/vendors with gadgets, clothing, flowers, Korean stationary (my favorite is Afro Ken), cell phones & accessories, traditional Asian products, lucky bamboo... and on... and on... Bring plenty of cash!!! Stuff is cheap but most don't take credit cards.

  • Welcome to the Jungle...Jim's that is

    written by ipdegirl on 2008-10-30 #places
    Welcome to the Jungle...Jim's that is

    Travel down Route 1 south in Delaware and you'll see lots of crazy stuff: the UFO building at Eagle's Nest Airport, a tractor museum, an enormous propeller in front of a restaurant (which I hope to photograph in the future), 30ft. plastic neon-colored palm trees strung with blinky lights. None is as crazy, or inviting on a summer day, than Jungle Jim's .

  • Gold Coast

    written by iamwen on 2008-04-27 #places
    Gold Coast

    Gold Coast is a city in Australia, it is located in south-east Queens land, 80 km from State capital Brisbane, Gold Coast is a network hub. The city is served by two international airports: Gold Coast Airport and Brisbane Airport. Gold Coast is very popular with Australian's for holidays and the weather is perfect most of the year.

  • Funicular

    written by golfpunkgirl on 2008-04-27 #places

    There is just something about riding a funicular that brings out the child in me. I get all giddy with excitement as the slanted tram travels up a very steep slope normally with fantastic views along the way. This particular funicular was in Barcelona and is one of the two ways you can get up to Mt. Tibidabo (aside from car/bus-boring!) and is over 100 years old and is the first of its kind in all of Spain!

  • Kids Rule Where?

    written by gelibee on 2011-03-14 #places
    Kids Rule Where?

    Kids rule where? I was intrigued as I stumbled upon this slogan so I immediately checked out their website, looked for their location and go there for a shoot.

  • Wiener Wurstlprater

    written by _ka_ on 2008-05-09 #places
    Wiener Wurstlprater

    The oldest amusement park in the world. Go there in the evening, but don't go there alone. Take night time shots of all the colored lights of the amusement attractions (Speedy Gonzalez, Rollercoasters, Hall of Mirrors, Tunnel of Horror, Riesenrad). Free entry to the park, admissions varies from 1-10 Euro per ride. Closed in winter.

  • Tokyo Disney Sea Park

    written by ilovekotatsu on 2008-05-09 #places
    Tokyo Disney Sea Park

    The place to go is Tokyo Disney Sea Park in Japan. The rides are great and the Lomographic opportunities are endless. For the thrill seekers there is the "Tower of Terror", for the little ones there are lots of tiny ferry's wheels and the like. There are so many different parts of Disney Sea Park that you can easily get lost.

  • Genting Theme Park

    written by jhunnie on 2008-04-27 #places
    Genting Theme Park

    Genting Highland is a mountain peak within the Titiwangsa Mountains on the border between the states of Pahang and Selangor of Malaysia. This article is not about Genting Highland, but it is a location for kiddos and adults, the Genting Theme Park. The fantasyland for you to have some great fun! It is divided into two categories, the outdoor Theme Park and indoor Theme Park. Outdoor Theme park is for adventure games, such as Roller coasters, Thrill rides, Children rides and water rides. Don't worry that kids can't enjoy themselves. The games provided at outdoor Theme Park include Spinner, Space shot, Cyclone etc.

  • Ferris Wheel

    written by jhunnie on 2008-04-27 #places
    Ferris Wheel

    The Ferris wheel that is similar to the London Eye was unveiled in conjunction of Visit Malaysia Year 2007. It is called The Eye on Malaysia, the tallest portable observation wheel in South-East Asia. This 60-metre structure is located at Titiwangsa Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur.