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  • Buckshot's Lomoalphabet: An A-Z of Lomography

    written by buckshot on 2012-07-02
    Buckshot's Lomoalphabet: An A-Z of Lomography

    How well do you know the language of Lomography...? Are you a total beginner who thinks 'vignettage' is a type of vinaigrette? Perhaps you already know a little photographic patois? Whatever your level of fluency, this little guide should help to turn you into an expert Lomolinguist!

  • The Lomography Community Dictionary

    written by mayeemayee on 2012-06-06
    The Lomography Community Dictionary

    This Community could be such a maze once entered and discovered. Too many words? Too many Lomography terms? Then fret not! Because we at the Community have come up with this Lomography Dictionary just for you!

  • Meraki: Labor of Love

    written by cheeo on 2023-03-17 #culture
    Meraki: Labor of Love

    The world is full of enchanting words that are hiding behind the curtain of languages that are foreign to us. This time we take a look at the Greek word "meraki" and the meaning it holds for us as film photographers.

  • Monday Moodboard: World of Words

    2016-10-24 #culture
    Monday Moodboard: World of Words

    Some wise passages, beautiful words and bits of poetry are here to uplift your Monday blues.

  • My Analogue Alphabet

    written by atria007 on 2014-03-11
    My Analogue Alphabet

    The alphabet is composed of letters that form words when they're put together. But I've given a different meaning to the alphabet by creating an analogue alphabet. I'm sure you'd have other words to represent these letters, but these are the ones I've chosen. Which one do you think is my favorite?