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Tag: czech republic

  • Lomography Guide to Prague: Ice-cream Time and Cake Paradise

    written by erikagrendel on 2013-07-08 #places
    Lomography Guide to Prague: Ice-cream Time and Cake Paradise

    Everyone who lives in Prague knows it. Ovocny Svetozor is the place where you can buy the best ice-cream in the city. Do not believe some posters, banners or small billboards telling you something else. Those are tourists-deceivers like all those “sales” in souvenirs shops.

  • Introduction to Location Series: Lomography Guide to Prague

    written by erikagrendel on 2013-06-24 #places
    Introduction to Location Series: Lomography Guide to Prague

    Do you know that feeling when you visit a new country and you want to try and experience, see and shoot as many pictures as possible so you get to know it more? I think that for us Lomographers, it is sometimes necessary to know some tips for great lomo-locations -- personally, I believe one of them is Prague.

  • Prague

    written by -a-l-b-e-r-t-o- on 2009-07-19 #places

    Prague is a really great city once you get to know it. It is full of beautiful squares, beautiful architecture, and beautiful art.

  • Lomography Guide to Prague: Prague in Three Days (Day 1)

    written by erikagrendel on 2013-10-05 #places
    Lomography Guide to Prague: Prague in Three Days (Day 1)

    My dear friend Grazie suggested to me one fantastic and I think very helpful theme for the series: What to see and visit in Prague when you have only three days. This is my suggestion for the first day. I hope it will help and inspire you!

  • Lomography Guide to Prague: Picnic Days

    written by erikagrendel on 2013-09-16 #places
    Lomography Guide to Prague: Picnic Days

    Weather is nice and you do not want to spend the lovely days inside or in the middle of the rushing crowd searching for some sightseeing spots. Then I have a lovely solution fo you: Picnic in Prague.

  • Scary Little Czech Bone Church

    written by pretletterp on 2011-09-07 #places
    Scary Little Czech Bone Church

    Accompanied by my best friend, the Diana Mini and a new roll of Lady Grey I've been a total tourist this 'summer' in the Czech Republic. One of the most impressive things we've seen was a cemetery in the little town of Kutná Hora, 70km from Prague. I think the Czech love churches anyway, I've seen at least one in every little town we've passed through. But the bone church of Sedlec is extraordinary.

  • Carpathian Mountains

    written by bongofury on 2010-12-29 #places
    Carpathian Mountains

    Let me take you back to the eighteenth century with the Dovbush group and the fight for freedom of the beloved motherland, Hutzulshchyna. Aside from its rich history, the Carpathian Mountains is also a great beauty and an interesting site to go hiking and take photos.

  • A Week of Lomography at FOTO SKODA

    written by cruzron on 2010-06-22 #news
    A Week of Lomography at FOTO SKODA

    If you wind yourself in the Czech Republic this week, try to drop by Foto Skoda, which is a week long workshop concentrating on the Diana Instant Back+ and the LC-A Instant Back+, as well as the presentation of other Lomography cameras.

  • Charles Bridge, Prague

    written by lihooi on 2011-12-29 #places
    Charles Bridge, Prague

    The 13th century Charles Bridge is a popular attraction in Eastern Europe, especially during the spring and summer months. Early morning is the best time to have the bridge by your own since it's always filled with tourists. A romantic evening walk through the beautifully-lit streets of Prague by night is an awesome idea too.

  • Český Krumlov, South Bohemia

    written by flying_lotus on 2011-11-08 #places
    Český Krumlov, South Bohemia

    Have you ever been to a place that has such a magical atmosphere that it almost feels surreal? Well, the small town of Český Krumlov is one of those places.