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  • Paris' Petite Ceinture Abandoned Railway

    written by elvismartinezsmith on 2010-11-18 #places
    Paris' Petite Ceinture Abandoned Railway

    Petite Ceinture is an abandoned railway inside Paris that goes all around the city. It is closed to the public and sometimes hardly accessible so you normally cannot go there but there is such a crazy ambiance there that so very few people know about.

  • Abandoned Yan Kit Swimming Complex

    written by dabai on 2011-04-06 #places
    Abandoned Yan Kit Swimming Complex

    Yan Kit Swimming Complex is located along Yan Kit Road at Tanjong Pagar area. It opened in 1952 and was the second public swimming pool in Singapore. The pool has been closed since 2001 and is now abandoned.

  • Malaysia LomoLocations Call Out!

    written by eva_eva on 2011-05-25 #news
    Malaysia LomoLocations Call Out!

    Hello analogue freaks from Malaysia! Did you go anywhere this summer? Did you pay a visit to the wonderful beach near the East Coast yet? What about some heritage places at Malacca? Have you been to the countryside and had a Lomo-relaxing-walk with your loves one? Or maybe participated in any of the happening events, festivals, or concerts in Malaysia for the past few months?

  • MALAYSIA - Perak Railway Station

    written by ah_sher on 2011-06-07 #places
    MALAYSIA - Perak Railway Station

    Ipoh Railway Station was built in the "British Raj" Moghul style with Moorish domes and turrets. This imposing structure was important for transporting Kinta Valley's valuable mineral during the colonial rule. This impressive landmark is known as "Taj Mahal of Ipoh" by the locals.

  • LomoLocations Call Out – Pahang, Malaysia

    written by eva_eva on 2011-10-18 #news
    LomoLocations Call Out – Pahang, Malaysia

    We are looking for locations in Pahang, Malaysia - our third largest state in the country! We have the highlands, the rainforest, and the coastal areas all in one state! Nevertheless, Pahang would always be one of the best tourist spots in Malaysia!

  • Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

    written by niko_fuzzy on 2011-01-10 #places
    Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

    It was my first time to go up to one of the tallest buildings in Singapore. I got a free ticket from my sister-in-law to go up the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park which offers a nice view and awesome landscapes. I highly recommend this place for those who love taking landscape photos, as long as you are willing to pay the $20 entrance fee. But remember, no tripod.

  • Johannesburg: Welcome to the World Cup 2010!

    written by takezzo on 2010-07-08 #places
    Johannesburg: Welcome to the World Cup 2010!

    Just in case you don’t know, Johannesburg is hosting the World Cup Football in 2010, and the Soccer City Stadium, about 30 minutes from the downtown by car, is its main venue. I've working there, but I was lucky enough to be able to see one of the matches at the stadium.

  • LomoLocations Call-Out: East Malaysia

    written by eva_eva on 2012-03-08 #news
    LomoLocations Call-Out: East Malaysia

    Sabah and Sarawak are two of the largest Malaysian states on the island of Borneo. Besides being the vastest states in the country, Sabah and Sarawak are very much different from other states in Peninsular Malaysia, especially in culture, religion, attractions and even food! There are many interesting experiences to indulge in and we want you to share your stories!

  • Cube Houses in Rotterdam

    written by elvismartinezsmith on 2010-11-03 #places
    Cube Houses in Rotterdam

    Architecture rules volontarly broken make crazy cube houses in Rotterdam. The cube houses (or Kubuswoningen in Dutch) were built in 1984 by architect Piet Blom in Rotterdam and Helmond in the Netherlands. These could have been common houses if they hadn't been turned at 45 degrees and placed on concrete pylons!

  • Banksy’s Lambeth Palace Cinema

    written by russelldarling on 2011-05-08 #places
    Banksy’s Lambeth Palace Cinema

    Banksy created this pop-up cinema, called the "Lambeth Palace", for the premiere of his Academy Award nominated documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop”.

  • Large Hot Chocolate with Triple Milk Please

    written by erinwoodgatesphotography on 2011-01-09 #places
    Large Hot Chocolate with Triple Milk Please

    It is December 29, 2007, my maiden voyage to Canada and I am in a jampacked United Airlines flight from Sydney to LA, sitting next to a quiet nutritionist on one side and a middle aged couple on the other in the middle strip of seats in the plane that isn't going anywhere fast because it is too heavy. Too much Christmas dinner. That is when I first heard about it...

  • BBC Television Centre

    written by neja on 2011-11-06 #places
    BBC Television Centre

    A place to spot celebrities up close (and somewhere to take your mum to).

  • A Hole in the Wall Called Nomnomnom

    written by tallgrrlrocks on 2010-11-13 #places
    A Hole in the Wall Called Nomnomnom

    We all have favorite places to meet up and hang out in. Mine is a little restaurant that dishes out yummy, happy food — with big servings to boot! Nothing beats good times with friends, delicious food, and taking photos with my lomo camera. Here's to another fun night and a lot of Nomnomnom-in'.

  • Paris Catacombs

    written by elvismartinezsmith on 2010-10-13 #places
    Paris Catacombs

    Paris catacombs touristic visits takes place in Denfert Rochereau. A nice occasion to shoot tons of skulls, bones in a very theatrical style! Paris catacombs are a must see in Paris underground! You might wait up to an hour to get your ticket inside, but it's definitely worth it.

  • Bedroom Club

    written by neja on 2011-03-26 #places
    Bedroom Club

    Part bar, part club, the Bedroom Bar is one of Shoreditch's best-kept secrets. A wonderful loft space with a big dance floor, smoking terrace, and chill out room. True to its name, it does in fact have a bed tucked away in the top-left hand corner.

  • Is wrestling fixed? or Training at the Wrestling School Austria

    written by recurving on 2010-09-28 #places
    Is wrestling fixed? or Training at the Wrestling School Austria

    What better place to start a bachelor party than the Wrestling School Austria? You might already have compiled a list of way better options but what if the groom himself is a wrestling fan and you can book a training session with the famous Austrian wrestler Humungus?

  • Marina Bay Sands: More Than Just A Casino

    written by izadrazi on 2011-05-08 #places
    Marina Bay Sands: More Than Just A Casino

    Ask any local, and perhaps the occasional tourist about Marina Bay Sands and chances are, they'll associate this place with the famous casino establishment. While the casino in MBS is its main attraction, the peripheral landmarks within its vicinity deserve attention too.

  • Going to Eat Horse Meat in Catania, Italy

    written by icomewhenieatcaponata on 2011-03-08 #places
    Going to Eat Horse Meat in Catania, Italy

    Last Saturday I went to Catania. We got there to buy some reptiles but the main purpose was actually to go and eat horse meat. It was a long way, I live in Palermo which is at the northern coast of Sicily and Catania is at the far east side of this island, but in some ways it was worth it.

  • Still Too Few Tearooms, Notting Hill, London

    written by mrssaraellis on 2011-03-09 #places
    Still Too Few Tearooms, Notting Hill, London

    Still Too Few Tearooms - a unique experience just a stone's throw away from the hustle and bustle of Portobello Market.

  • Cité Durmar

    written by elvismartinezsmith on 2011-02-07 #places
    Cité Durmar

    Cité Durmar is a very nice, small, hidden dead-end in Paris. Accessible from the Rue Oberkampf through a door generally left open on week days.

  • The Saatchi Gallery

    written by neja on 2011-01-22 #places
    The Saatchi Gallery

    The Saatchi Gallery is London's no. 1 and no. 2 most visited art exhibitions in 2009. If you're an art lover or if you're looking for a new way to spend your time, art galleries such as the popular Saatchi Gallery is a great way to experience culture and immerse yourself in beautiful art.

  • Johannisfriedhof Nuremberg

    written by lomodirk on 2010-10-13 #places
    Johannisfriedhof Nuremberg

    One of the oldest cemeteries in Nuremberg. The Johannisfriedhof was founded round about the 10th/11th century. In that time the small village of Johannis wasn´t part of the city of Nuremberg...

  • Space Burger

    written by spoeker on 2010-10-06 #places
    Space Burger

    There are a lot of restaurants, pubs and bars in the Oldtown of Düsseldorf, Germany. I want to introduce you to my favourite: Space Burger! If you are looking for tasty, fresh, huge and crazy burgers and want to dine in a trashy atmosphere, you should go there!

  • Kampong Buangkok - The Last Village in Singapore (Undiscovered Location)

    written by dabai on 2011-04-03 #places
    Kampong Buangkok - The Last Village in Singapore (Undiscovered Location)

    Singapore is a highly urbanized country but do you know that there is still one last "kampong" (malay word for village) surviving here? This is hard to believe considering that almost the whole of Singapore has been developed. The younger generation may not even have heard of this last village in Singapore!

  • (Req. LCG HIT) Somewhere You'd Take Your Mum: The Royal Albert Hall

    written by kylewis on 2011-03-28 #places
    (Req. LCG HIT) Somewhere You'd Take Your Mum: The Royal Albert Hall

    Somewhere to take your mum, well it's got to be The Royal Albert Hall and if you can get it, go as 'poshed' up as you can and get a Box on the Grand Tier, so you can see everyone. Don't forget the chocolates and champagne!

  • Container City

    written by kitde on 2011-04-04 #places
    Container City

    London Hit List #11 Container City

  • Garlic & Shots Bar, Soho

    written by neja on 2011-04-05 #places
    Garlic & Shots Bar, Soho

    Drinking Blood shots on a coffin.

  • The Dinosaurs of Crystal Palace

    written by lydiamoss on 2011-04-20 #places
    The Dinosaurs of Crystal Palace

    The monsters that lurk in Crystal Palace Park in South London.

  • Primrose Hill Banksy?

    written by kitde on 2011-04-01 #places
    Primrose Hill Banksy?

    London Hit List #25 Primrose Hill Bansky

  • ITSU in Soho, London

    written by neja on 2011-03-30 #places
    ITSU in Soho, London

    Russian spies don't get poisoned here no more.