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  • Widepan Pro II - The Panoramic Monster

    written by lomodirk on 2008-11-12 #gear
    Widepan Pro II - The Panoramic Monster

    „What the f...?“ is the most common reaction of people I know. People I don`t know start to lapse in an everlasting gaze when they see this kind of monster. Sometimes I was asked if I am some kind of topographer and when you tell people that this is „just“ a camera follows the everlasting gaze again.

  • Widepan Pro II Gallery

    written by cruzron on 2009-08-23 #news
    Widepan Pro II Gallery

    Yes we are all dreaming of owning one. But until that times comes, let's just ogle at the ultra-wide pictures this beauty can take!

  • Maun

    written by tveden on 2009-01-21 #places

    Just under the Okavango delta lies Botswana's 5'th largest city Maun. This is the place to go if you're going to explore the safaris of Okavango, which is very recommendable. Maun is a very lokal and charming city, without the tourism ruining the spirit.

  • Norisring

    written by lomodirk on 2009-08-09 #places

    The Norisring is a non-permanent racing track in Nuremberg/Germany. That means this race is going to happen on normal streets which are closed for five days a year just to let race cars draw their lines in this historical part of Nuremberg.

  • Reviews on Rewind: Widepan Pro II

    written by cruzron on 2013-07-06 #gear
    Reviews on Rewind: Widepan Pro II

    For this week's edition of Reviews on Rewind, we focus on a camera that not a lot of Lomographers have, but constantly dream about. Say hello to the Widepan Pro II!