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  • “First the Worst”: Not True with Lomographic Luck

    written by befaster on 2012-06-11
    “First the Worst”: Not True with Lomographic Luck

    When feeling dejected after getting prints back from a recent Holga workshop, I looked back at my old photos and realized that with a bit of practice and the correct mindset, my Lomographs were actually pretty good! When you're lomo-down, sometimes all you need is a nostalgic reminder (and a new roll of film!).

  • Book Covers in Lomographs

    written by raejk14 on 2012-09-18
    Book Covers in Lomographs

    I love books way too much. If that was even possible. For anyone else who has often wished that they could meet the characters from their favorite books, look no further than your Lomographs!