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  • Tipster of the Week: Long and Winding Film

    written by kernow_and_cambria on 2009-12-27 #gear #tutorials
    Tipster of the Week: Long and Winding Film

    What is it this time? Just had and bad day? Then why not pick up your camera and a couple of rolls now because you will definitely have a good time and will be feeling alright just by doing this simple and very fun Tipster! Yay!

  • RAF Predannack Where Planes Go To Die

    written by kernow_and_cambria on 2009-09-17 #places
    RAF Predannack Where Planes Go To Die

    An old RAF base situated deep in the South of Cornwall

  • Kamouraska, A Visit to a Tourist Village in Winter

    written by rater on 2010-04-09 #places
    Kamouraska, A Visit to a Tourist Village in Winter

    This village is considered one of the most beautiful ones in Quebec. During summer it attracts tourists but in winter remains a calm place…

  • Doubles with You - stezmatic & juznobsrvr

    written by stezmatic on 2010-07-08
    Doubles with You - stezmatic & juznobsrvr

    A second collaboration between me and juznobsrvr led to an intensely-coloured flower power fest "invading" London and Chino Hills. Look at what we came up with!

  • Douro River

    written by paper_doll on 2009-01-05 #places
    Douro River

    The Douro River is the third longest and largest river in the Iberian Peninsula, flowing from its source near Duruelo de la Sierra across northern-central Spain and Portugal to its outlet at Porto (on one side of the river) and Vila Nova de Gaia (on the other side).

  • Lagarada Traditional

    written by paper_doll on 2010-05-10 #places
    Lagarada Traditional

    “Lagar” means winery. But here they don’t just put the grapes in a machine, they stomp on them with their bare feet! And being such a proud people, we have to tell the world about our traditions.

  • Aveiro - The Portuguese Venice!

    written by paper_doll on 2008-12-10 #places
    Aveiro - The Portuguese Venice!

    Last summer, I was bored out of my mind, so I called up a friend of mine and we decided to take a trip on the very next day. Destination? Aveiro! We were a little bit ashamed for not knowing this wonderful city very well, considering it’s just an hour away from Porto, by train. So off we go!Known as the "Portuguese Venice", the city of Aveiro is crossed by many canals, surrounded by salt-flats, lagoons and beaches and dominated by the Central Canal running through town.

  • Palácio de Cristal’s gardens

    written by paper_doll on 2008-09-02 #places
    Palácio de Cristal’s gardens

    This beautiful landscaped park was dominated by the original Palácio de Cristal (Crystal Palace), which was an astonishing building, made of iron and glass, built in 1860 for the International Show of 1865 and having the Crystal Palace in London as a model. It was big enough to receive 10.000 people at a time!