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  • Ulaanbaatar, the Ugly Beauty

    written by bensozia on 2010-05-15 #places
    Ulaanbaatar, the Ugly Beauty

    The capital of the most sparsely populated country in the world.

  • The Imposing, Floating Torii

    written by warning on 2010-11-03 #places
    The Imposing, Floating Torii

    One of the most photographed places in Japan, this is a clear and spectacular example of the fusion of nature with man’s handy work. The warrior chief Taira no Kivomori, built the first Torii in the 12th century. The current structure (constructed in 1875) measures about 16 metres in height and has a four-pillar structure for stability.

  • Workshop: Panoramic Masterpiece!

    written by lomographychicago on 2012-12-17 #news
    Workshop: Panoramic Masterpiece!

    Everyone loves those long, epic panoramic photographs. Just because your camera doesn't have a panoramic setting doesn't mean you can't shoot awesome long photos with some of your favorite cameras! This workshop will explore fun panoramic techniques using non panoramic cameras! So grab your favorite lil camera and come to the Panoramic Masterpiece workshop at the Lomography Gallery Store Chicago in Wicker Park!