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  • Round-the-Clock Rumble: Planes and Trains

    written by kazarareta on 2008-10-31 #news
    Round-the-Clock Rumble: Planes and Trains

    For this rumble, we are asking you to submit your best photos of *planes and trains*!

  • Parallels & Juxtaposition

    written by lighttomysoul on 2012-03-12
    Parallels & Juxtaposition

    I live in a place of the world where you can't miss the change of the seasons. But even in the placidity of snow, winter can look different. Take a look at the changing times around my town in these analogue photos and note the parallelism.

  • MX Madness! Obey The Rules: 200 Shots in 1 Roll

    written by analogeyes on 2011-05-14
    MX Madness! Obey The Rules: 200 Shots in 1 Roll

    In light of recent successes and subsequent addiction with multiple exposures, I decided to take a look at the 10 commandments of Lomovangelism and dedicate an entire roll to the 'MX' button of my Fisheye No. 2.

  • Fuji NPC (220, 160 iso) User-Review

    written by eggzakly on 2010-04-04 #gear
    Fuji NPC (220, 160 iso) User-Review

    From smooth, realistic colours when processed in c41, to funky mints, blues and peaches when cross processed, this film gives you a lot of options.

  • One Imaginary Door

    written by saidseni on 2011-05-08 #places
    One Imaginary Door

    I've always heard Portuguese people are poets. I'm starting to get why, when reality isn't good, we imagine something better – a poem, a song, a door.

  • Photos of the Week

    written by cruzron on 2009-08-03 #news
    Photos of the Week

    With all the fancy forms of travel nowadays, it's nice to kick it old school along with our analog cameras and ride and experience the train!

  • Nørreport Station

    written by eggzakly on 2009-06-13 #places
    Nørreport Station

    Nørreport Station is in the center of Copenhagen and fully subterranean. It has three platforms: Metro, S-trains (greater Copenhagen metropolitan area), and regional- and InterCity trains (throughout the country). It's the busiest station in Denmark - approximately 300000 people travel through every day. Currently, it's the only station that connects to both the Metro and regional train networks.

  • Railway Station of Nice

    written by vicuna on 2009-06-24 #places
    Railway Station of Nice

    I asked myself what kind of new place I could shoot in my town to share with the Lomo community and thought about the fact hat locations are all about traveling and discovery....hmmm ... what kind of place can represent the travel spirit before you arrive in a new place: a railway station of course!!

  • NYC Subway

    written by faefaefae on 2009-10-04 #places
    NYC Subway

    It's one helluva ride. I've always been fascinated by trains. My grandfather worked with the Philippine National Railways (PNR) and would occasionally take me on the job with him.

  • Planes & Trains Winner Announcement

    written by kazarareta on 2008-11-05 #news
    Planes & Trains Winner Announcement

    We hope everyone had a great halloween weekend. For those celebrating the US election voting/announcement, cheers! As always, we head on to a great round-the-clock rumble winner announcement. We had ourselves an extended jet lag with all the great entries from the Planes&Trains rumble!

  • Rosy Redscales: The Train Station of Como San Giovanni

    written by sirio174 on 2012-09-07
    Rosy Redscales: The Train Station of Como San Giovanni

    An urban adventure a few hundred meters away from my home with some redscale photos taken in the main train station of Como.

  • To Russia with Love: Finland Train Station, Saint Petersburg

    written by neja on 2012-10-26 #places
    To Russia with Love: Finland Train Station, Saint Petersburg

    A train station with a great history. Finland Station is a railway station, which handles transportation to northern destinations including Helsinki and Vyborg. So, if you are arriving in Russia from Helsinki, this is where your train will stop.

  • The London Underground: A World of Human Intrigue

    written by ashdinosaur on 2012-03-31
    The London Underground: A World of Human Intrigue

    Why I love the tube and all its passengers and find photographs thereof to be most enjoyable.

  • Lindhorst (Schaumb) Trainstation

    written by mephisto19 on 2009-08-22 #places
    Lindhorst (Schaumb) Trainstation

    Day and night - arrival and departure and all day long lomography.

  • Commuters' Life in Indonesia

    written by artlens on 2014-03-20
    Commuters' Life in Indonesia

    For us commuters here in Indonesia, it's "depart, sit, stand up, arrive, repeat."

  • Shunting Yards

    written by nicx on 2011-04-05 #places
    Shunting Yards

    The trains run through the centre of Johannesburg like the Thames runs through London. Our shunting yards are so prominent yet so desolate that most miss them whilst driving over Nelson Mandela Bridge. Here is a look at what goes on in this undiscovered space under those highways and bridges.

  • Modernizing the World Through the Railway

    Modernizing the World Through the Railway

    The invention of the railway was a hallmark event of the 19th century, boosting the economy and creating opportunities that were deemed impossible back then. Here are some photos to take you back in time.

  • Main Street Station

    written by plaidleaf on 2009-09-21 #places
    Main Street Station

    Richmond is full of different architectural styles. Quite often you’ll find a historical building directly next to a brand new building, or in the case of Main Street Station you’ll notice that the highway has actually been built around the building! According to www.richmondgov.com, the building was originally built in 1901, and was for the next 74 years a “bustling transportation hub.” However, due to a decrease in passenger rail service, it was closed in 1975. The building remained closed for the next 28 years, and was re-opened in 2003 after years of renovation, and now has limited train service to downtown Richmond.

  • Both a Portal and a Destination: LA Union Station

    written by stuckintraffic on 2012-02-01 #places
    Both a Portal and a Destination: LA Union Station

    The Union Station in downtown LA is usually just a place you go to...to go somewhere else. Hundreds of people arriving and leaving, you don't really notice it much outside of its usual purpose: it's just a train station. But here's what I think, it deserves a much-needed second glance.

  • Southeastern Railway Museum

    written by puechnerbooks on 2011-08-10 #places
    Southeastern Railway Museum

    The Southeastern Railway Museum is a hidden gem for Lomographers and sits right outside Atlanta. It houses over 75 extinct trains, many of which you can walk through. You get a day's pass and can come and go as you please!

  • Kuala Lumpur Railway Station.

    written by eva_eva on 2009-10-20 #places
    Kuala Lumpur Railway Station.

    Kuala Lumpur Railway Station is a train station located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • The Past Preserved at Robie's Country Store

    written by carmenism on 2011-02-08 #places
    The Past Preserved at Robie's Country Store

    Hooksett, the small town I come from in New Hampshire, does not have much to show for itself these days. Littered with shopping plazas and used car dealerships, little evidence remains of what was once both a beautiful tourist destination and a bustling manufacturing village in decades long past. Perhaps the only remnant of these times is Robie's Country Store, a lone testament of more fruitful days for my community.

  • Jodhpur Train-Station, India

    written by wil6ka on 2009-02-02 #places
    Jodhpur Train-Station, India

    I Have to recommend you to check out the main train station in Jodhpur. Honestly it is a must and an adventure, but still it is hard on your nerves! During our stay in Northern India we pretty much stuck to the service of our driver Karma and his beautiful white Ambassador.

  • Monday Moodboard: Enig Hui's Beautiful Photographs of Subway Stations Around the World

    written by chooolss on 2014-06-16 #news
    Monday Moodboard: Enig Hui's Beautiful Photographs of Subway Stations Around the World

    Today's dose of inspiration comes in the form of these photographs by globetrotting photographer Enig Hui. Check out his work after the cut!

  • London's Old Tube Stations

    written by lydiamoss on 2011-08-18 #places
    London's Old Tube Stations

    There’s something really interesting about old tube stations and there are several hidden across London. The best are the few that have been left exactly as they were, as if the gates closed shut only yesterday.

  • Analogue Events: Richard Steinheimer - A Passion for Trains

    written by webo29 on 2012-01-03 #news
    Analogue Events: Richard Steinheimer - A Passion for Trains

    Richard Steinheimer who passed away in May this year is being commemorated at Robert Mann Gallery in New York. The gallery is honouring his life’s passion for trains by hosting an exhibition of his works.

  • Waterval Boven

    written by nicx on 2011-06-25 #places
    Waterval Boven

    To escape the city, me and my family own a little house in a very little town called Waterval Boven, this is so we can get out of Johannesburg for a bit and recharge, this is indeed the quintessential one-horse town minus the horse.

  • Glenbrook Vintage Railway in Black and White

    written by adam_g2000 on 2012-04-04 #places
    Glenbrook Vintage Railway in Black and White

    Just south of Auckland, New Zealand lies a fantastic trip out for the family. Glenbrook Vintage Railway is run by volunteers who operate a steam locomotive on weekends through October - June.

  • Trains - “Die Bahn”

    written by jogintas on 2008-04-27 #places
    Trains - “Die Bahn”

    What do we do when we have to get from point A to point B? We choose the vehicle... Options are endless, but we all know, that planes are fast, but expensive, and on the other hand - cars are cheap, but slow... What to do? Choose trains!!! There is a huge railway web all around Europe, and lots of companies offer different "good deals" for traveling at the very low cost. My favorite is the German Railway, or "Die Bahn" as it is called in German.