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  • Nostalgic and Memorable Places of Mine

    written by sprofishgel on 2012-04-17 #places
    Nostalgic and Memorable Places of Mine

    It's known that B&W gives that special tone, that magical atmosphere, which sends us into a journey to the past. No need for black-and-white film for this journey as these locations of mine are "back to the past" by itself. I'll try not to cry while I'm writing this article.

  • My Favorite Childhood Hangout: Leiria Train Station

    written by sprofishgel on 2011-08-22 #places
    My Favorite Childhood Hangout: Leiria Train Station

    The dream of being in the old, old west is almost a reality. Being near the train lines and the carriages is a curiosity for all children. For me and my friends, it was a constant hobby, and all the stations were our playground.

  • Pedrogão Beach, Leiria

    written by zulupt on 2009-01-31 #places
    Pedrogão Beach, Leiria

    Pedrogão beach is located at north of Vieira Beach, Marinha Grande, on the Portuguese central Atlantic coast (it belongs to Leiria district) and it is one of my favorite beaches nearby; during the winter it is a very quiet and peaceful beach, during the summer it is full of life and fun at any time of the day or night, the village don’t have that traditional style like Vieira beach, architecture is very simple, the beauty of Pedrogão resides on its sandy and sunny beaches and on its bars and restaurants which are located right next to the beach.

  • Leiria Skate park

    written by zulupt on 2008-10-17 #places
    Leiria Skate park

    Leiria skate park is located near the city center, it is a place were everybody can practice skateboard, in-line skating, biking and other sports with all the conditions you need, keeping you legal, safe and out of the streets.

  • Leiria Castle

    written by bongofury on 2012-09-13 #places
    Leiria Castle

    Whoever enters the city of Leiria will immediately see its towering castle, the scene of several important events in the history of Portugal.

  • Rodrigues Lobo Square: Heart of the City

    written by sprofishgel on 2011-08-24 #places
    Rodrigues Lobo Square: Heart of the City

    A place, a center. Are you missing a place that looks like your second home? Missing that place where you can find all your friends unplanned? I'm fortunate to have such a place so I feel like such a lucky guy!

  • Nossa Sr. da Encarnação Church

    written by sprofishgel on 2011-08-21 #places
    Nossa Sr. da Encarnação Church

    This church and the space that surrounds it is an ideal place to relax during moments of silence while contemplating the very beautiful city of Leiria and its beautiful castle. Religious an non-religious join together in this pleasant place.

  • May's Fair

    written by sprofishgel on 2011-09-06 #places
    May's Fair

    Our carousel of life has to be fun, lively, and full of color. It is the May Fair that brings color to the city of Leiria, every May, every year. Tradition is to bring the rain back. If there is no rain then there is the real fair.

  • Leiria Carnival

    written by zulupt on 2008-10-16 #places
    Leiria Carnival

    Every year, in the beginning of May, the carnival arrives at Leiria. There come the gypsies along with their trucks, tents and colorful lights bringing fun and amusement to all.