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  • The Bulldog International 5 stars Hostel

    written by grenoouille on 2009-03-02 #places
    The Bulldog International 5 stars Hostel

    Located in the middle of the Red Quarter, the Bulldog is one of Amsterdam’s most famous Institutions: it was one of the first coffee shop in town and one of the first hostel.

  • City Public Hostel

    written by anarchy on 2009-08-03 #places
    City Public Hostel

    Central location, cheap accommodation and an interesting clientel makes this Hostel a good choice when you're passing through Copenhagen.

  • Lomography X Matchbox The Concept Hostel: Colours Of The World

    written by pippilongstockings on 2013-12-19 #news
    Lomography X Matchbox The Concept Hostel: Colours Of The World

    Have you made travel plans for next year yet? Not a day that goes by that we aren't wanderlusting after some far-flung destination, and most of the time it's because of the irresistible Lomographs that pop up here day after day. We love to travel, and of course we absolutely adore getting trigger-happy with our cameras. For trigger-happy travelers like us, nothing could be better than a rumble between Lomography and Matchbox The Concept Hostel - a trendy boutique hostel in the heart of Singapore! Stay with us after the jump and hop aboard the travel-bug bandwagon!

  • Groven Travellers' Home & Guesthouse

    written by evon_t on 2012-01-10 #places
    Groven Travellers' Home & Guesthouse

    Traveling down to Melacca again with my mom for Christmas and settling down at this guesthouse named Groven Travellers' Home & Guesthouse, a place decorated in traditional Chinese-Melaccan style, perfect for travellers who are looking for some authentic places to stay.