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  • Fujichrome 64T Type II in E6

    written by lomopop on 2010-08-30 #gear
    Fujichrome 64T Type II in E6

    The Fujichrome 64T Type II (RTPII) is an ISO 64 colour reversal tungsten film. This film model has been discontinued since 2007 and replaced by Fujichrome T64. The RTPII is quite difficult to find so when I saw a few expired rolls left in the photo lab, I know I got to grab it.

  • Clean and Green in Makati Schools

    written by sgurd4 on 2011-07-24
    Clean and Green in Makati Schools

    The City of Makati does not only boast being a premier financial district of the Philippines, but also the provision of education to all levels -- from grade school to college -- which is a big help especially to low income families. These public schools advocate and practice cleanliness and greenery, so the students will learn the importance of taking care of the environment as well as their health.

  • Vientiane, Laos - The Jewel of Mekong

    written by lomopop on 2010-09-05 #places
    Vientiane, Laos - The Jewel of Mekong

    Vientiane is located at the central region of Laos is the capital of the country. Less touristy than other capitals in South East Asia, you are more likely to bump into backpackers rather than the conventional tour groups with flag carrying guide. Visiting Vientiane is a refreshing change due to her serene pace of life.

  • Kodak Ektachrome E200

    written by vjweedman on 2010-08-25 #gear
    Kodak Ektachrome E200

    Wanna take a trip? Check this out this sprocket-ed, extremely expired and cross-processed Ektachrome E200.! Low grain, saturated yellows greens and blues.