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Tag: man

  • Mephisto19 - The Man of a Bazzilion Photos

    written by tomas_bates on 2011-04-22
    Mephisto19 - The Man of a Bazzilion Photos

    Well, maybe not quite a bazzilion – But with over 50,000 photos, Mephisto19 is well on his way! Read our interview with him below…

  • Out & Proud: The Man with The Child in His Eyes

    written by jaybees80 on 2013-06-07 #videos
    Out & Proud: The Man with The Child in His Eyes

    For LGBT month, it seemed important to me to talk about the love of my life through my photos. He is the one who inspires me the most, the one I never miss when it comes to taking pictures. His love and strength makes him my muse. Even if life has not always been kind to us (and especially lately), it will always be there for me and I'll always be there for him.

  • 2.1 Million Black Dots: Painting an Unknown Man

    written by bohlera on 2012-12-21 #news
    2.1 Million Black Dots: Painting an Unknown Man

    There are two reasons that make this story truly remarkable. It revolves around a man who has lost his identity and has been trying to find out who he is for the past eight years. It also includes an artist trying to help him who has created a portrait of the man using single black dots only.

  • LomoPeople: fletchinski84

    written by kneehigh85 on 2011-08-05
    LomoPeople: fletchinski84

    Who is my favorite person in the Lomography community? It has to be Dave, or as you might know him online, fletchinski84.

  • Cerne Abbas Giant

    written by neja on 2011-08-23 #places
    Cerne Abbas Giant

    The man with the huge penis.

  • My LomoBoyfriend

    written by isabel_mebarak on 2011-09-22
    My LomoBoyfriend

    I open the bag, pull out a Lomgraphic camera, and he's by my side frowning. I take the picture, look at him, he stares at me, and asks: Did you really take a picture of that? They're there, usually quiet, always patient, always posing for us, always listening to us. That's how our lomopartners are!

  • The Burning Man Experience: Day and Night

    written by nyebe on 2012-01-20 #videos
    The Burning Man Experience: Day and Night

    This week, it's all about the LC-A! Whether shooting day or night, our star camera can deliver. In accordance to this, I have found these wonderful videos capturing the intense energy of the Burning Man event both day and night. Let's check it out!

  • LomoPeople: Flávio

    written by saidseni on 2011-08-31
    LomoPeople: Flávio

    Flávio, my dear friend from college who sold his car and bought a bicycle.

  • Picture This: Freedom

    written by -alia- on 2013-08-01
    Picture This: Freedom

    Man belongs to nature. Nature makes part of our nature. Inspirational nature gives me the true feeling of freedom. Freedom is naturally a man’s need. So, nature has a strong relation with freedom.

  • LomoPeople: Johan

    written by lighttomysoul on 2011-09-21
    LomoPeople: Johan

    This is my handsome friend, Johan. He is a real stand-up guy, always makes me laugh, and he never minds me shoving all my cameras up in his face! He is a great friend!

  • Lomo Amigo Diet and her Photo Exhibition

    written by mrmaart on 2012-09-30 #news
    Lomo Amigo Diet and her Photo Exhibition

    The moment had finally arrived for our Lomo Amigo Diet. What started out as a joke has resulted in a beautiful exhibition in the Lomography Gallery store in Amsterdam. This of course calls for a celebrating on its opening night.